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Wulfhook – The Impaler Review


Released By: Divebomb Records

Release Date: 17 July 2015

Genre: Metal

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Line Up:

Jeff Sling Schlinz – Vocals

Metal Matt Martin – Guitar

Chris Wellman – Guitar

Mike Mullaly – Bass

Jeff Dit Ditner – Drums



01. The Impaler

02. Brutal Nightmare

03. Through the Darkness

04. Bridge Burner

05. Samara’s Well

06. Eternal

07. Sacrifice

08. Devil’s Harlot

09. Tormentor

10. Atomic Punk


I have said it before and I will say it again: I am a lucky man when it comes to getting to write about bands. The many years I have been doing this I have managed to discover some bands that have absolutely blown me away and remained a constant in my life from that moment forward. Of course, for every album I listen to that I love; there are at least 10 more that I have had to work my way through that has been the complete opposite. After wading through a sea of crap it’s nice to find an album that I connect with. This is why I haven’t written a lot of album in reviews in a while (as well as time constraints and health issues,) there just hasn’t been a whole lot that has inspired me. So when I stumbled across this album, I felt an instant connection.

They’re called Wulfhook, hailing from Detroit. They have been around since 2009, and have unleashed their debut, The Impaler for Divebomb records. This is a total throwback album, but something about it just did it for me. Musically it is about as classic metal as you can get: catchy riffs and songs, dueling guitar prowess, and an insanely high ranged vocalist killing it who also has a great mid range voice too. This album took me back to the 80’s, reminding me of when I was discovering some of the greats. I’d say fans of NWOBHM and traditional metal will truly love this gem. With songs like “Samara’s Well,” “Through the Darkness,” and the great cover of the Van Halen classic “Atomic Punk” this album is chock full of that old school sound most of us grew up loving back in the day (and hopefully still do.)

Wulfhook’s The Impaler is a strong debut for them. The only holdback might be that it is very much an album wearing its influences on denim and studded leather sleeves (wait, you probably don’t have sleeves so  scratch that,) but by that same token the songs don’t sound dated. After mulling through bands that are trying to be current yet failing horribly at it, it’s almost refreshing to strike upon a band that very clearly loves the old school metal, and are damn proud about it (and damn good at making it.)

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: Chris 8/10

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