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Gus G – Brand New Revolution Review


Released By: Century Media

Release Date: 24 July 2015

Genre: Rock, Metal

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Line up:

Gus G – Guitar

Marty O Brien – Bass

Johan Nunez – Drums

Mats Levén – Guest Vocalists

Jacob Bunton – Guest Vocalist

Jeff Scott Soto – Guest Vocalist

Elize Ryd – Guest Vocalist



01. The Quest

02. Brand New Revolution

03. Burn

04. We Are One

05. What Lies Below

06. Behind Those Eyes

07. Gone To Stay

08. One More Try

09. Come Hell Or High Water

10. If It Ends Today

11. Generation G

12. The Demon Inside


While known for his work with Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage and Mystic Prophecy, the wider American audience will probably recognize Gus G for his performance on Ozzy Ozbourne’s 2010 album “Scream.” To me the guitar sounded like second hand Zakk Wylde and it left me unimpressed. But try not to think of that album — Gus’ second solo L.P. is a pretty decent blast of melodic metal.

“The Quest,” a tight instrumental track, is a great starting point that gives you a feel for the riffage to come.   Adler/Lynam vocalist Jacob Bunton handles vocals on 5 of the next 6 songs, and it took me a bit to warm up to his style – maybe just a little too “modern rock” of a vocalist for Gus’ style of metal for me – but by “We Are One,” I’m starting to really like this. Elize Ryd from Amaranthe sounds good on “What Lies Below,” but the sampling breaks and the synth kind of feel out of place, burying some great leads at certain points in the track.

From here on I get lost in a pretty decent groove. A couple of great power ballads in “behind Those Eyes” and “One More Try,” (the former maybe owing a bit to Christopher Cross’ “Sail Away?”) with a great vocal performance from Jeff Scott Soto in “Gone to Stay.” Then the album goes into high gear till the last track. Mats Leven (Candlemass, Yngwie Malmsteen) sounds great, especially on the closin track, “The Demon Inside,” a moody, heavy piece that gives him and Gus a chance to really shine.

Brand New Revolution does get off to a slow start, but by hanging on with it, you’ll be rewarded with some great performances and excellent guitar work that will blow “Scream” off your mental map.

Written by: Anton Meyers


Ratings: Anton 7/10


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