Interview with Angels or Kings



Interview and Pictures by: Lindsey Appleton


Angels or Kings are a melodic rock band that are the epitome of perseverance. Formed during the 1980’s by ex band members of of Sam Thunder, Circus and Strutz, to name a few, they were able see their dream becoming a reality. Almost 30 years later they released their album: “Kings of Nowhere”, which received wide acclaim. They took some time out to have a chat with us.




1) Hey Tony last time we caught up with you guys it was at HRH United in march, how did you guys find this?. 

Tony: HRH was brilliant. Fantastic crowd, loads of friends there, we got a great reception. 

Tigertailz were on before us and they had the crowd bouncing. Luckily we were able to carry on the momentum, and from where I was standing it looked like everybody in the room was having a great night.

2) Was this the biggest crowd you guys have played to?. 

Tony: Yeah probably, the place was packed and the whole crowd got behind us and had a good sing along.


3) We hear you guys are going to play Rock You To Hell festival in Athens in November, will you be playing any new material there or will it be the same sort of set as the one you played at HRH United?. 

Tony: We don’t know yet. There are a lot of people in Greece who have bought Kings of Nowhere, so it would be good to let them hear the songs they are familiar with rather than springing something new on them.

4) What have been the highlights for the band so far?. 

Tony: Finishing the album and getting it released was the biggest highlight. 

Luckily we were also invited to play three great gigs at Firefest HRH and JSY, so it’s been great so far.

5) Has there been any bands you have come across lately that you thought have the wow factor? f0209680

Tony: H.E.A.T Eclipse. ..great bands who give it some attitude live.

6) Which songs do you guys like performing most?. 

Tony: My favourite is Any other Girl. It’s a great opener with a galloping rhythm and a British feel. It reminds me of UFO.

7) What are the plans for the band for the future?.

Tony: We are currently busy writing and recording the second album. We are really pleased the way the songs are turning out. ..great melodies. .bands in choruses and Baz is singing better than I’ve ever heard him before. ..and that is saying something! 

Thanks for talking to us Tony we look forward to catching up with you soon!.

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