Interview with Monument





Interview and Pictures by: Lindsey Appleton




1) Last time we saw you guys was at Breaking Bands Festival how did you guys find this?. 

Dan Bate: Breaking Bands was great, nice to see a festival so packed with so many familiar faces! 

Dan Baune: Breaking Bands was really fun! Lovely crowd, bumped into lots of friends and generally had a big old laugh all ’round!!

2) You guys have built up such a great following whats your secret?.


Dan Bate: I can’t take the credit for that as the newest member! However we did have a superb UK tour in March and the consistent high energy live shows don’t do us any harm! 

Dan Baune: There’s no secret! Hard work, lots of touring to promote the record and so forth. And of course making many friends along the way. Everyone we meet, especially in the UK, are super supportive, lovely, genuine people and really into the music, which is brilliant and obviously helps enormously!

3) You guys played Camden Rocks Festival, how does this compare to other festivals?.

Dan Bate: It was my first time at Camden Rocks and completely different to any festival I’ve played before across 20+ venues on one day, we played a great set at the Purple Turtle then had some time to enjoy the hospitality and see some great bands. 

Dan Baune: Well, first of all, Camden Rocks is one of those festivals that has bands on in multiple venues across the area at the same time, which I think is cool, as people can go and see what they want, be it bigger bands in the bigger venues or something more niche in one of the smaller ones. We stayed for the whole day and had loads of fun catching up with colleagues and friends and watching a few bands ourselves!

4) What have you guys been up to since? 

Dan Bate: We’ve been working on a 2nd album writing and recording. Really excited to get it finished and out to the fans! 


Dan Baune: Writing!! Album number 2 is well on it’s way now, I’d say we have about half of it written so far and we’re all very happy with it so far. Can’t really say when recording will commence yet, it’s early days, but I think it’s safe to say that sometime next year we’ll be holding Monument No.2 in our hands!

5) We hear you guys are off to play Rock On The Beach Festival in Greece in September, will you guys be playing any new material there?. 

Dan Baune: The answer is: possibly!!  As mentioned before, we’re writing new stuff at the moment, but haven’t quite worked out all the little nooks and crannies yet, but Greece is a month away, so anything could happen.

6) Have you guys got anything else lined up after this?. 

Dan Bate: Plenty of things in the pipeline so watch this space! 

Dan Baune: Recording!!! As far as shows go, we’re working on a few little gems, but are still waiting on confirmations, you know how it is.

7) Which song do each of you really enjoy playing 

Dan Bate: My favourite song to play is Omega, have a listen and the bass speaks for itself! 

Dan Baune: Tricky question… probably Omega and Carry On for me!!

8) If you could open for any band who would that be? 


Dan Bate: Thin Lizzy (although not likely!) 9)If you could give advice to a band just starting out what would that be?. Learn your trade,earn your stripes and be the nice guy even when things don’t go your way. Always remember it’s the long game!

Dan Baune: Stay true to yourselves, follow your hearts and don’t let fear control your actions! Nothing worth having comes easy, but every little step is a step in the right direction, and towards success smile emoticon Never give up!!!!

Thanks guys its been awesome speaking to you.

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