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Buckcherry – Rock ‘n Roll Review


Released by: F-Bomb Records

Release date: 21 August 2015

Genre:  Hard Rock, Glam Metal

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Josh Todd – Lead vocals

Keith Nelson – Lead and rhythm guitar

Stevie D. – Rhythm and lead guitar

Xavier Muriel – Drums

Kelly LeMieux – Bass Guitar


Track Listing:

01. Bring It On Back

02. Tight Pants

03. Wish To Carry On

04. The Feeling Never Dies

05. Cradle

06. The Madness

07. Wood

08. Rain’s Falling

09. Sex Appeal

10. Get With It


Hard rock band Buckcherry is back with their seventh studio album “Rock ‘n’ Roll” that is due to be released on the 21th August 2015, 2 years after “Confessions”. Featuring their newest single “Bring It On Back”, their latest record offers ten tracks that range from groovy, foot-tapping and hip-shaking tracks to beautiful, slow, countryish ballads and faster-paced as well as heavier tracks.

Whereas “Confessions” overall seemed “darker” with heavier guitar riffs, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” appears to be more carefree with occasionally higher pitched guitars and a nice flow to it that is mostly caused by the song’s steady rhythm and guitar riffs which round up to a rich sound. Best examples here are “Wish to Carry On” which also features quite motivational lyrics and “Wood”.

Tracks that stand out the most on this album are “Tight Pants” and “Rain’s Falling” as both slightly differ from Buckcherry’s usual sound.

“Tight Pants”, although featuring Buckcherry’s signature cheeky lyrics, musically shows a far greater variety. It sounds a bit more jazzy with trumpets, a big band and a slightly different style of singing. Groovy, light-hearted and fun – a song that could soon be filling dancefloors.

“Rain’s Falling” on the other hand sounds more bluesy and relaxing than Buckcherry’s usual songs and also captures the atmosphere of its title perfectly.

Another thing that stands out on this record is the order of songs which is very well thought through. “Rock ‘n’ Roll” starts with Buckcherry’s newest single release and groovier tracks, slows down to ballads, slightly takes up speed with faster paced hits, then calms down again, only to end with two great heavy, hard rock songs that sum up Buckcherry’s sound the best.

To mention just a few more songs, “The Feeling Never Dies” is a really beautiful, atmospheric, slow ballad that has a slightly countryish feel to it. Whereas “Sex Appeal” and “Get With It” both belong to the heavier tracks on the album. Fast paced with catchy guitar riffs and short solos throughout the songs.

All in all, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” offers Buckcherry’s key sound with maybe two or three exceptions to the rule. No big surprises but a great album that features tracks that could be listened to on repeat for hours nonetheless.

Written by: Anna Zureck


Ratings: Anna 7/10

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