Interview with Christer “Krunt” Andersson, (Guitars) (Tad Morose)

To me that is more Euro Disney Metal. I don´t care really, but to me, we play Heavy Metal, that´s it. Everybody can call us what they want. I...

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Interviewed by Shadow Editor in Chief — Myglobalmind Online Magazine


Hi guys thanks for taking the time to chat. Tell us about your new album St Demonius? What can fans expect from the band?

Krunt: No problem! Thank you! Well I guess they can expect a pretty typical Tad Morose album. Some say it have a darker mood over it. I don´t know, perhaps it has? I think it is a step further for us when it comes to songwriting and performance.

Explain the writing process for the new record? Any particular themes, or ideas that are brewing behind the songs and titles?

Krunt: It was the same procedure as always. We just write songs that feel good to us. Of course, we are, as most of us I guess, aware of what is going on around the world today. The religious bullshit, greed, political crap and so on. I mean, is it really that hard to learn at least something from the history of mankind? So it´s much about that and good and evil both in real life and in made up events.

Was there an evolution from “Revenant” to this new one? if so what was it?

Krunt: Nah, I don´t know, but it sure makes it easier to make an album with the same line-up like on the previous album. Things runs a bit smoother. For every album you make you kind of learn how not to do things. Ha ha ha.

How has new singer Ronny Hemlin gel with the band since the comebackup record “Revenant” in 2013?

Krunt: Ronny has been in the band since 2008, and we knew him since way back, so he fitted in perfectly right away. He is just as crazy as the rest of us. But as in any other situation, the longer you stay together, the better you get to know each other. For better and for worse! Ha ha ha.

How hard was finding a suitable singer after the long hiatus in the band? And how do you replace a guy like Urban Breed who’s another strong metal vocalist?

Krunt: It was no problem at all. Ronny was asked to join already when we parted ways with Urban but he was just to occupied with his former band at that time so it was not possible to make that work back then. So we got Joe Comeau (Liege Lord, Annihilator, Overkill) on vocals for a short period. That didn´t work out in the long run though. We did some demo recordings and some live shows with him but since he lives in USA it was impossible to make it work practically. And by that time Ronny was about done with his former band so rushed over to us. We didn´t search for a specific kind of singer, we just wanted a good singer that fitted in with the rest of us. And yeah, Urban is a very good singer, but I think it was better both for him and for us that we parted ways back then. We just couldn´t go on, it was not fun anymore, and if isn´t fun, it´s not worth doing.

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10 years had gone by until your return in 2013, what the heck did the band do in that time frame?

Krunt:  We just went fishing for a while  …drank a few beers and so on. Ha ha ha
No, just kidding, we never went away, we kept at it all the time. But it seemed like the harder we tried the harder it got for us to get back on track. We went through some line-up changes and they also seemed to happen with scary accuracy of bad timing. Me, Peter and Tommi also got into Inmoria. Danne Eriksson, he played drums on our first album, started that project and all of a sudden we had done two album, played festivals and toured. In the end Ronny was in Inmoria as well! So these bands got mixed up real bad! Ha ha ha. But it was nice to be part of something that worked and to be able to blow off some steam on stage while not much was happening with Tad Morose since we at the time was looking for another guitar player.

How important is an equal balance of melodic and heavy when it comes to playing in your style?

Krunt: Uh, Don´t know. We just write was feels good to us. But variations are always good I believe.

How has power metal change in your opinion? Through the years?

Krunt: Never thought of that. I listen to the same bands now as I always have. I think there are some confusion about the term “Power Metal” in the beginning I think that was used for bands who played powerful metal. Not cheesy, or glam or such, just basic powerful metal. But then it was more used for bands that play galloping rhythm, lots of double bass drum and sing about dragons, unicorns and fantasy worlds. To me that is more Euro Disney Metal. I don´t care really, but to me, we play Heavy Metal, that´s it. Everybody can call us what they want. I read some review on one of our albums way back, and that guy thought we played “Half trashy, soft doom metal” Ha ha ha.

Personally listened to you guys since early 2000’s and consider the band a truly underrated group, do you feel the band has never received as much as they are really worth in terms of attention and popularity?

Krunt: Of course! Doesn´t every band thinks that? Ha ha ha In a way everything seems like a lottery, some win big but most don´t. There are many bands out there that deserve more recognition than they get I think. We have been around for a long time now and we have laid down a tremendous amount of hard work on this so of course it would feel awesome if we could take this a few steps higher on the ladder.

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How hard is it for a metal band now, to make it in the scene?

Krunt: Very hard. But I think it has always been that way. You got to work hard for everything. So if you are starting a band and would like to make it, boy, you are in for a hell of a ride! You got to be strong and have a strong will, otherwise this business will chew you up for breakfast and spit out the remains.

What was the most memorable gig you have ever played?

Krunt: We haven´t played that one yet! Ha ha ha, hard to tell, really. But Wacken Open Air in 2002? Sweden Rock Festival back in 2003? and Progpower Festival in Atlanta, USA back in 2004? Really cool shows that I never will forget. Amazing really!

What is in the water in Sweden when it comes to quality metal?

Krunt:: It is beer, isn´t that obvious?

You have a slew of touring dates in Europe, any country in particular that you are looking forward to playing in?

Krunt: All of them of course! But it is also always nice to get to a country for the first time, and on this tour we play Czech Republic and Poland for the first time ever!

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If you we’re stranded on a island, name two albums you “MUST” have?

Krunt:: Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) and Abigail (King Diamond)

Final words are yours, anything you like to say. Go……..

Krunt: Perhaps you don´t always listen to our albums, but when you do, play LOUD!
Be nice to each other and never forget to have a good time!


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