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C.O.P. – State of Rock Review

COP Album art


Released by: AOR HEAVEN

Release date: 28th September 2015


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Line up:

Peter Sundell – Lead and backing vocals

Ola af Trampe – Guitar, bass

Christian Sundell – Keyboards, Drums



01. Loner

02. I Want the World to Know

03. Nightmare

04. Without You

05. On the Run

06. In My Dreams

07. Shes Gone

08. In the Night

09. Broken Heart

10. Darkness


It’s unquestionable that Sweden has produced some top notch bands over the years so it comes as mild astonishment that these three amazing musicians have so far escaped my notice. C.O.P are a new band with a rich musical heritage and masses of talent.

State of Rock, their debut album grabs your attention in the first few seconds and doesn’t let go.

Vocalist Peter Sundell has a voice from the gods, his vocals are truly phenomenal. Powerful, melodic, high pitched harmonies are accompanied by catchy, fast driven guitar riffs and rigorous percussion.

The fantastic opening track Loner sets the pace of things to come and it just gets better from thereon in.

The vocal arrangements on Nightmare are slightly over the top for my personal taste, this is a minor gripe however, and it’s still a great song with fantastic guitar riffs from beginning to end.

Without you and She’s gone are highly charged, emotive ballads while In my Dreams has a heavier feel throughout than the other songs and is probably my favourite. Ola Af Trampe is an amazing guitarist and I feel that his ability is best demonstrated on this track.

Christian Sundell is not only a powerhouse drummer but also an outstanding songwriter and this release is essential melodic heaven for A.O.R fans – with a universal appeal. In these modern times it’s very rare that I’m hooked on something after one listen but I’m loving this – there’s not a weak track to be found here.

The album overall has a distinct 80’s resonance about it and it nearly sounds like it could be an undiscovered, unreleased gem from that era. Vocally I’m hearing elements of Rainbow and Triumph screaming out at me.

As for the question of originality – have we heard it all before? Probably. Do we want to hear it all again? With music of this calibre, absolutely!!

Written by: Karen Hetherington

Rating: Karen 10/10



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