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Leaves’ Eyes – King of Kings Review


Released by: AFM Records

Release date: 4 September 2015

Genre: Symphonic metal

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Liv Kristine Espenæs Krull – Lead Vocals

Alexander Krull – Keyboards, Vocals

Thorsten Bauer – Guitar

Pete Streit – Guitar

Joris Nijenhuis – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Sweven

02. King of King

03. Halvdan the Black

04. The Waking Eye

05. Feast of the Year

06. Vengeance Venom

07. Sacred Vow

08. Edge of Steel

09. Haraldskvædi

10. Blazing Waters (feat. Lindy-Fay Hella / WARDRUNA)

11. Swords in Rock


Leaves’ Eyes has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. The whole operatic female fronted metal band concept has always intrigued me since Nightwish hit the scene so many years ago. I wasn’t entirely sure what I thought about it from the first listen, but as time progressed I came to love it more and more. I love classical music, but have never loved opera much, but hearing that vocal style in the heavy metal realm did the trick for me. It’s a fairly plain fact that metal is essentially the modern version of classical music (imagine greats like Beethoven and Mozart if they had electrical instruments at their discretion.) There have been many bands that have attempted to emulate that sound, but few have done it as good as the original, with the exception of Leaves’ Eyes, whom I tend to like even more, dare I say.

I have been fascinated by Liv Kristine’s voice since her time in Theatre of Tragedy, and now on Leaves’ Eyes 6th release King of Kings, she has truly ascended into the realms as one of the best voices out there. She has such a clean and pure quality that is hypnotic, and the way it weaves through this amazing collection of symphonic power metal is stunning. The album is conceptual, telling of Norway’s first king Harald Fairhair, a story as an American I am unfamiliar with, but you don’t have to be a scholar to know that the album is a brilliant collection spanning from bombastic symphonic metal like album opener “Swerven” to the folk inspired “Vengeance of Venom.” Kristine’s voice is truly the highlight; however the music supplied by fellow original members Alexander Krull (growl vocals/keyboards,) Thorsten Bauer on guitar/bass, as well as Joris Nijenhuis on drums and newcomer Pete Streit on guitar is as captivating.

Long time fans of Leave’s Eyes will love King of Kings, and it is an amazing album that should garner new followers as well. Some people have a tough time accepting this particular sub-genre of metal, but I for one am glad it is around, because without it we’d be without a band like Leaves’ Eyes, and the world would be a little less beautiful without it.

Written by: Chris Martin


Ratings: Chris 9/10

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