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Steve Harris British Lion – 27th August 2015 – O2 Academy, Islington London


Words by: Robert Sutton (Writer / Contributor MyGlobamind Webzine)

Images by: Robert Sutton Photography

As we all know Steve Harris is the founding member of that little known heavy metal band called Iron Maiden!! but he also has this new solo project band called British Lion to keep him busy when, I guess, Bruce is off playing with airplanes or something else…The event at the O2 Academy Islington was the last night of a twenty two date UK tour. The band comprises of Steve Harris (bass), David Hawkins and Grahame Leslie (guitars), Simon Dawson (drums) and Richard Taylor (vocals).

The Raven Age



Support for the night was from The Raven Age, who have only really been an active band for the last couple of years and have one self titled EP out so far. The band comprises of George Harris and Dan Wright (guitars), Matt Cox (bass), Jai Patel (drums) and has Michael Burrough as lead singer.

Up until this last London date of the current tour, Tommy Gentry ( from Zico Chain) has been standing in for Dan as Dan has been absent from the band apparently being on his honeymoon! So we have to say congratulations to Dan and Beckie on getting married and thank you Tommy for  standing in for Dan.

They played a great opening set and have come on in leaps and bounds in both their stage presence and their tightness as a band in the last few years and is really about time a record label noticed them and signed them up…Great start to the evening and loved the ’synchronized’ head banging from the group…

Steve Harris British Lion



British Lion have one self titled album which was released back in September 2012 and having seen them before on their tour last year, I could just about hazard a guess as to what they might play… Yes, they played most of the tracks from the album but also added two new songs (Spitfire and Bible Black) to the setlist and also a UFO cover ( Let it Roll) ,to make up what was a not too shabby fifteen songs in total. I have to say I do like their more mainstream rock songs which possibly have the influence of a few early British heavy metal bands thrown into the mix?? They played to a close to capacity audience and Richard made a great job of getting the fans to sing along to the tracks on several occasions.

Overall, a good rock performance by Steve and the rest of the band who looked like they put their all into the performance. This is a great little side project band for Steve and well worthy of going to see if you get the chance on their next tour…..But Steve, please don’t give up the main job just yet!!…


1: This is My God

2: Lost Worlds

3: Father Lucifer

4: The Burning

5: Spitfire

6: The Chosen Ones

7: These are the Hands

8: Bible Black

9: Guineas and Crowns

10: Last Chance

11: Us Against the World

12: A World Without Heaven

13: Judas


14: Let it Roll ( UFO cover)

15: Eyes of the Young

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