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Thunder Mother – Road Fever Review

Thunder Mother


Released by: Despotz Records

Release date: 4 September 2015

Genre: Rock

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Filippa Nassil – Guitars/Producer

Giorgia Carteri – Guitars

Tilda Stenqvist – Drums

Linda Ström – Bass

Clare Cunningham – Vocals


Track Listing:

01. It’s Just a Tease

02. FFWF

03. Alright Alright

04. Deal with the Devil

05. Give Me Some Lights

06. Roadkill

07. Enemy

08. Vagabond

09. Thunder Machine

10. Rock N Roll Sisterhood



What is it with the melodic/glam/hair band revival (for lack of a better term) going on in Sweden? I’ve been digging the stuff I’ve heard coming from there, but the sophomore effort from all female quintet THUNDERMOTHER is a total hoot! Recorded over sessions in Stockholm and Klippan, the production is tight, no-frills and raw around the edges, complemented by the old-school analog equipment used to make this.

This is definitely my retro fix for the year! These ladies channel all the best elements of AC/DC with hints of the Ramones, dare I say Girlschool, and even a little Motorhead to boot. Irish-born vocalist Clare Cunningham has a strong bluesy, smoky style with power to spare. Guitarists Filippa Nassil and Giorgia Carteri can wail when needed, and the rhythm section of Linda Ström and Linda Ström aren’t flashy but have a solid groove going here.

This is a refreshing break from modern rock radio—no epic songs, power ballads, just 10 tracks that get in and get the job done, rarely clocking in at three minutes or more. The leadoff tune is also the first single and video, “It’s just a Tease,” which is a great party rocker with a little sass to the lyrics. From there it kicks into high gear and stays there with my favorites being anthem-in-waiting “Give me some Lights” and “Roadkill,” which has such a reckless, shout-it-out speed vibe that would make the Ramones proud. Closest they get to slowing down is a midtempo blues romp with “Vagabond,” but finishes with a little loud-boogie celebrating ink “Thunder Machine,” and “Rock n Roll Sisterhood,” which should be all over American radio like, yesterday…

Nobody is re-inventing the wheel here, but Road Fever is the most fun stuff to listen to this year. Drop tit on, and get the party started!


Written by: Anthony N Meyers

Ratings: Anthony 9/10


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