Interview with Vocalist Paulo Colavolpe and Guitarist Matteo Di Gioia, Destrage

Well, it won't be released in 2015 for sure. Hopefully in the middle of 2016, but we are still in the writing process. We'd like to enter the studio...





Words by Alan Daly

© Olga Kuzmenko

Photos by Olga Kuzmenko



Alan: Hello. Welcome to Bloodstock festival from When did you get here?

Matteo: We just arrived twenty minutes ago.

Alan: Will you get time to catch some bands here today?

Matteo: Of course, but probably later. After we play. Because we are doing these interviews and then we go to the stage.

Alan: Will you be staying here on site tonight?

Matteo: No, we’re staying in a hotel in Nottingham, and tomorrow we have another show in London. Camden Barfly.

Alan: What are your first impressions of Bloodstock?

Matteo: It looks very fun. Everybody is looking to have a good time, and they don’t give a damn. They dress funnily and they smile and drink. Everybody seems to be very passionate and looking forward to hearing good music. Only good vibes.

Alan: I saw in one of your earlier interviews, you mentioned that you were touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and you saw that they jammed together for an hour backstage before going on stage. So, do you guys have any rituals or routines before you go on stage?

Matteo: Oh yeah. That was on the Heineken Jamming festival in Italy three years ago. Yeah, we do this. And this. And this. [They both do some silly stretches and gyrating exercises]. Basic joint release exercises. Warming up the neck is very important!

Alan: We understand that you are hoping to write and record another album later this year. Any updates on how that is going?

Paolo: Well, it won’t be released in 2015 for sure. Hopefully in the middle of 2016, but we are still in the writing process. We’d like to enter the studio in beginning of the new year. But it’s work in progress, and nothing is ready yet. We’ll see.

Alan: But you have some songs written already?

Paolo: Yeah.

Alan: Any song names or crazy album titles yet?

Matteo: The lyrical part usually comes after the music. Paulo’s the singer, and takes real care of the instrumentals before. So we all write the music first, and then we move into the vocal zone.

Paolo: Yeah, because we like to think about the subjects and the songs and where we can match the best things together. Where a song has the right vibe to talk about a matter.

Matteo: And the song titles and album name will probably be the very last thing. It’s not an easy matter. It needs a lot of thinking.

Alan: Do you still use post-it notes during the writing and recording process?

Matteo: We’re changing method now, but we still use billboards. So if you look at us while we’re composing, we probably look like a team from secret police trying to track down somebody, moving arrows and clues.


Alan: So you do your composing in a very visual manner?

Matteo: Yeah, because you need to get the big frame, and what is happening, what is missing, what is repeating, and where.

Paolo: To me, it gives more calm. If I think about what is still missing, are we doing it right… It makes me more calm.

Alan: On your last album, you had Bumblefoot from Guns n’ Roses guest on one of your tracks. Any guest artists you’d like to have appear on your next album?

Matteo: We’ll see. It has to feel really right. Also, the collaboration is one of the last things we choose. It’s like the icing on the cake. We’ll say the cherry on the cake. We don’t want to just invite them just to gain some fame and a name that does not belong to us. We just want a collaboration that fits, and usually it happens that we go and propose it to that musician, and they always accept because they feel that the thing is working. And it’s good for them as well.

Alan: What would you think about a collaboration with The Dillinger Escape Plan? Would that be something you might like to do?

Matteo: That could be awesome, yeah. We’ll see how this album is taking shape, and then if we feel that that is the right thing to do, we may try to reach them. We don’t know how, but there’s always a way.

Alan: What are you listening to yourselves at the moment?

Matteo: Lamb of God, Lamb of God, Lamb of God. This new album [VII: Sturm und Drang] is killing us.

Paolo: On the metal side, it’s only Lamb of God at the moment. On the other sides, the last Blur album is awesome. And other stuff like Morning Phase from Beck to electronic stuff. We can listen to anything and everything.

Alan: Are there any Italian bands on your radar at the moment?

Paolo: They’re not metal, but About Wayne. They’re a rock band from Rome. They’re super good. Some kind of Incubus and eh…

Matteo: It’s a very introspective and solid record. The sound is very dark but it has many different degrees and shades, and emotionally it’s very strong.

Alan: Ok, we’ll check them out. Some bands have released some unusual merchandise. Megadeth have wine, Iron Maiden have beer, Fleshgod Apocalypse, who I’m sure you know, sell pasta. If Destrage were to put their name on any food or drink, what would you choose.

Matteo: That’s really hard, because it would have to be durable. We like to cook. But everything is bad the day after. Maybe balsamic vinegar. But what comes from Milan. Maybe a special sauce. Or a book of recipes. That could be good.

Paolo: You know Francesco Paoli from Fleshgod Apocalypse? We are talking about, one year, making a cross show between music and cooking. Like a cooking match between the two bands. We’ll see who really has the hard cock!

Alan: Did you get to meet up with the Fleshgod Apocalypse guys here? They played last night. Are they still here?

Paolo: No, unfortunately they had to go back because they are writing a new album, so they have no time to stay. So we just sent a photo to them to say hi.

Alan: If you were to have a few drinks with any historical figure, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?


Matteo: I’d probably pick Jeff Buckley, but I’m afraid I would get too sad after that, so I may change to Otis Redding.

Paolo: Otis Redding? Why?

Matteo: Why not? You pick one!

Paolo: I think… Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney in the seventies.

Matteo: What about Mr. Zakk Wylde tonight?

Paolo: That would be good, yeah.

Alan: That almost wraps it up. Maybe you have some news or updates for your fans?

Paolo: It’s a pleasure to be here. We hope to come back as soon as possible. Doing a proper UK tour would be great! And thank you for the support!

Matteo: And we’re working on it. The proper UK tour.

Alan: Don’t forget to come to Ireland!

Paolo: You’re from Ireland? Oh yeah, By UK I mean Ireland, Scotland… Absolutely!

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