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City Of Thieves – Incinerator Review



Released by: Monster Box Records

Release date: 22 September 2015

Genre: Rock/Hard Rock

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Jamie Lailey – Vocals/Bass

Ben Austwick – Guitar

Adam Wardle – Guitar

Will Richards – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Incinerator

02. Lay Me To Waste

03. Buzzed Up City

04. Here Comes The Shot

05. Mr 50_50 (Live Acoustic)


Incinerator is the debut EP from London based rockers City Of Thieves. This 4 piece outfit promise much and deliver much much more. Outstanding! If you like your rock ballsy, loud with attitude think Airbourne on steroids, then this is definitely the goods for you?

From the very first thumping beats to the purposeful lyrics of the opening track, ”Its A Brand New Jungle, Shiny And Tall, Its Gonna Eat You Alive, Until There’s Nothing At All”, Incinerator will have you hooked. You would be mistaken to think Incinerator is cleaned up mish mashed pop rock. No, this is flat out in your face rock and roll. With a slightly softer opening, we slide smoothly into track 2 of the EP, entitled ‘Lay Me To Waste’. While the mood may be a little slower, you get the feeling its not gonna last. The pace picks up to full speed ahead. The drums pound and the guitars roar into track 3. And my favourite: ‘Buzzed Up City’ is flat out ballsy Airbourne-esk. You could just imagine playing your favourite racing game to this track. Not before long, we cruise onto track 4 ‘Here Comes The Shot’. It quite literally carries on from track 3 and rocks the way you like it. Great solo in this one with thundering drums fast paced and catchy. Its foot tapping and head stompin good. Track 5 ‘Mr 50 50’ gives you a stripped down feel of what this band is all about. It provides you with all the incentive to catch them live. There is pure magic between the members of the band. They are solid yet raw. You just know that these guys are giving it their all.

I highly recommend City Of Thieves Debut EP; Incinerator. It is pure adrenalin fueled head stompin rock and roll magic. Well done guys. I for one can’t wait for their full course debut. Until then, Incinerator the appetizer will have to fill that gap.

Be sure to catch them live check out the dates below:-

Tour Dates :-
OCT 18 SUN—–Legends of Rock — The Originals-Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom
NOV 12 THU—–Hard Rock Hell 2015—Gwynedd, United Kingdom
DEC 4 FRI——Planet Rockstock 2015—South Cornelly, United Kingdom


Written by: Shane Bradley


Ratings: Shane 9/10

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