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Mike Tramp – Nomad Review



Released by: Target Records

Release: 28 August 2015

Genre: Rock

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Mike Tramp

Additional Musicians:

Soren Andersen – Guitar

Morten Hellborn – Drums

Jesper Haugaard – Bass

Morten Buchholz – Organ



01. Give It All You Got

02. Wait Till Forever

03. Counting The Hours

04. Bow And Obey

05. High Like A Mountain

06. No More

07. Stay

08. Who Can You Believe

09. Live To Tell

10. Moving On


Mike Tramp, Danish born (Michael Trempenau), for those who don’t know has been around for a very long time. Trempenau started his musical career singing in Vesterbro Ungdomsgård, a youth group club in Copenhagen, and appears on their first album: Vi lever på Vesterbro (1974). In 1976, Trempenau, now known professionally as Tramp, joined the pop band ”Mabel” as the lead singer. ”Mabel” released five studio albums and were very popular in Denmark and Spain, with Mike receiving “teen idol” status. In 1978, Mabel won the ”Danish Song Contest” with the song ”Boom Boom” and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest the same year. ”Mabel” moved to Spain and became ”Studs”, releasing a debut self-titled album in 1981. Later on the band moved to New York City and changed their name to ”Danish Lions” in 1982. After recording demos, the band returned home to Denmark, however, Tramp decided to remain in America.

That was to be a master stroke, as Tramp met ”Vito Bratta” and formed the band “White Lion” in 1983. After releasing their debut album, Fight to Survive, in 1985, White Lion went on to become very successful in the mid 80’s to early 90’s. Their hits such as “Wait” , “When the Children Cry” from their second album, the triple-platinum selling, Pride, underpinned their success. ”Big Game”, the title of their third album, achieved gold status. However, after the release of their fourth album ”Mane Attraction” and doing a tour to promote the album, White Lion disbanded in 1992.

Since then Tramp went on to form the band ”Freak Of Nature”. His new band featured a darker and heavier sound, released 3 albums between 93-98. Freak Of Nature also toured with the likes of Helloween and Dio. Since the disbandment of Freaks Of Nature, Mike has embarked on a very successful solo carrer which has produced 8 albums to date.

In his latest offering, ”Nomad”, Mike has partnered with Soren Andersen to produce the album. The album is third album that seems to form a trilogy with his Cobblestone Street and Museum albums. Nomad showcases Mike at the end of his epic 150 show worldwide nomadic journey that has lasted almost half a decade. A journey he undertook to find personal and artistic freedom.

The album starts off with the track ”Give It All You Got” which, dare I say, has some shades of Tom Petty’s ”I Wont Back Down”. You will soon find yourself singing along and tapping your foot to the chorus.

”Wait Till Forever” has some sweeping organs and acoustic guitars that seems to be a hallmark throughout the album. There are a couple of slower more balladesque songs such as ”Counting The Hours”, ”Live To Tell” and ”Bow And Obey” which Tramp seems to write with ease putting all of his passion and feeling into them. ”High Like A Mountain” serves as a warning about the perils of drug abuse. ”No More” seems to be more upbeat and sits well in between the various messages Trump is sending his listener through his song writing.  Displaying a strong melodic chorus backed by the ever winding organ and acoustic/electro guitars, ”Stay” continues in the same vein as the previous tracks. Mike’s voice is very reminiscent of the old ‘White Lion track, ”The closer”. “Moving On” has a distinct seventies ”Nights” kind of feel to it and again proving that Mike still has the vocal ability of his earlier career.

”Nomad” from start to finish has more of an ”Eagles” country rock sound. So being a big ”White Lion” fan was a little skeptical at first. However, I found the more I listened, the more I really enjoyed the album. With that in mind, if you are expecting the Tramp of old, you might be a little disappointed. This is a regenerated Mike Tramp and I have to say ”Nomad” is the best offering since Tramps ”White Lion” days. I am very impressed.

Written by: Shane Bradley

Ratings: Shane 9/10

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