Interview with Ross The Boss (Guitars) ( Death Dealer, former Manowar)

Manowar is an iconic band mainly from those 6 albums in 6 years which still hasn’t been topped . What lessons have I learnt ? Well when I see...



Interviewed by Shadow Editor, Myglobalmind Online Magazine


MGM: Thanks for taking the time Ross to talk to Myglobalmind. Tell us a little bit about the new sophomore release for Death Dealer?

Ross: Actually right after Warmaster was released we started the work for Hallowed Ground so we’ve been living with these tunes for a bit . Our songwriting has taken a step forward in depth and we are very happy with the results. DeathDealer exists in a song rich environment .

MGM: The debut from Death Dealer left strong impressions in metal circles. Tell the readers about how the project came about? With Stu, Sean, and yourself?

Ross: Well about 3 ½ yrs ago Sean contacted me VIA Facebook and he said he was working on a new project with this guitarist from Australia Stu Marshall and this bassist from LA Mike Davis .Sean said they wanted either me or KK Downing who had retired so In a nut shell I said send me some of your song ideas and they did next day. I was blown away and joined .

MGM: We have seen a ton of these so called all star bands for years now, what makes the chemistry between all band members work here?

Ross: Well basically there are no ego. We treat DeathDealer like its our first band . There is no “stars” here . Our live shows are a perfect example .

MGM: We’re you familiar with Stu Marshall’s project Empires of Eden before getting together? And the long list of guest vocalist on those albums?

Actually  I wasn’t familiar with Empires of Eden nor was I familiar with Cage but that’s ok because I only listen to “my” music . Now of course I know .

MGM: I had the pleasure of listening to the promo and we also have reviewed the record already, just an awesome job, a great mix of traditional power metal, heavy metal and I like the old western vibes in some of the songs. Can you talk about that theme in “Hallowed Ground” for a minute?


Ross: Well Hallowed Ground does seem western at first but go a little deeper and that’s where we believe DeathDealer stands . We stand on Sacred Ground on  Hallowed Ground !!

MGM: Do you have a favorite track off the new Death Dealer album, if so why?

Ross: Right now my favorite track is Corruption of Blood , but that changes from day to day .

MGM: You have a new drummer former Into Eternity Steve Bolognese playing on this DD release, how did you task him for this record?

Ross: Steve is currently from LA and Sean found him . I don’t think I ever heard a drummer as unique as him .

MGM: Did you know that he became teacher over at Berklee College Of Music, after replacing Mike Mangini when he came onboard Dream Theater? (Bolognese was one of Mangini’s former students)

Ross: Yes I know this !!!


MGM: How come Rhino was not involved this time around with the new Death Dealer?

Ross: Rhino has issues with his family and could simply not fill the position.

MGM: Talk about Sean Peck your vocalist, the dude has got some metal pipes on him, his work with his own band Cage is always great, and how important is his voice on a record of this magnitude?

Ross: Sean right now is the greatest metal singer on the planet . Hallowed Ground is testimony to his powers , his lows and highs and everything in between are untouchable as well as his amazing lyrics .

MGM: You are quoted as saying “ this is what a metal record should sound like”, is the new Death Dealer a perfect example of metal 101? You have great musicians, ripping music, and in your face lyrics. What more can a metal fan ask for?

Ross: Nothing more its all there !!

MGM: Talk about your time in Manowar in the early days and the connection with Joey DeMaio?

Ross: Can I pass on that question thanks

MGM: Warp to 1988 around your departure from Manowar, did you have any resentments at that time about how things played out?

Ross: Right before we released Kings of Metal I was asked to leave . I didn’t want to but Joey and the guys were sure that Manowar would be better without me .

MGM: Manowar established this “cult” following in the States, and it has remained to this day. What made the band such an enigmatic name? And what lessons that you learned while in this band you have carried over to Death Dealer?

Death Dealer 2015

Ross: Manowar is an iconic band mainly from those 6 albums in 6 years which still hasn’t been topped . What lessons have I learnt ? Well when I see an infection growing I deal with it promptly and wont let it fester.

MGM: Do you recall the first time you picked up a guitar?

Ross: Sure I remember I was 13 . I had previously played piano and violin .

MGM: What bands and or musicians at a younger age influenced your style of play?

Ross: BB King . Cream  Stones. Hendrix , The Who. Beck. Page .Wagner  Same stuff I listen to today.

MGM: If you had to pick a single live gig you have done over the years, which one are you most fond of?

Ross: Fond of ?? Well The Dictators NYC closed CBGBs the very last show there.

MGM: Any touring updates with the upcoming Death Dealer record? Will there be more dates announced?

Ross: Of course there’s gonna be dates…stay tuned

MGM: Tell the fans why they should go out and buy this metal masterpiece…

Ross: Check out our video Break the Silence and Plan of Attack and you will buy this CD

MGM: The final words are yours Boss man!!!

Ross: Thanks for the support . Keep up the good work and BUY OUR CD on Oct 2nd.



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Photo Credit: Ange Cobham / Cobspix Photography

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