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Lifeline – Scream Review



Released by: Escape Music

Release date: 23 October 2015

Genre: Melodic/Hard Melodic Rock/AOR

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Nigel Bailey – Vocals, Bass

Lee Small – Vocals

Paul Hume – Guitars, Backing Vocals

Steve Clarkson – Drums, Backing Vocals

Andy Bailey – Keyboards, Backing Vocals


Track Listing:

01. Fear No More

02. Far From Home

03. Jezebel

04. Nightmare Dream

05. Feels Like Love

06. Scream

07. Danger In The Sky

08. Destination Freedom

09. A Fortunate Man

10. Now His Angels Gone

11. Mary Jane

12. Dark Skies


”Lifeline” combines two very talented vocalists in Nigel Bailey (Bailey, Three Lions) and Lee Small (Shy, Phenomena). Since their first meeting they have wanted to record an album together and after some time they recorded ”Scream”. The album features the help of long time friend and drummer Steve Clarkson (Bailey), Paul Hume (LawLess, Demon) on the guitars and Nigel’s brother, Andy Bailey (Three Lions, Bailey), on the keyboards. The production, mixing and mastering is taken up by the great ”Paul Hume” who features as a guitarist on the album as well. All tracks on this album are written by ”Nigel Bailey”.

Lee Small has built his reputation by working with some of the  biggest names in the business, ranging from Alexander O’Neal to Wildhearts frontman Ginger. Many fans will recognize Lee from his participation in Tom Galley’s Phenomena project and in the role he played with the melodic hard Rockers ”Shy” for the last 6 years. Lee also enjoys a successful solo career.

From a very early age Nigel Bailey has had a love for music, probably due to both his parents being musical as well. His mum, Ann, had a hit record in the 1960’s with the band ”Three Good Reasons”. His father was a guitarist and vocalist who played in various bands. These musical talents were passed on to both Nigel and his brother Andy.

So what of the album ”Scream”? Surely with a stellar line up like this, it has either got to be the making of a ”Masterpiece” or the ”Recipe” for disaster? Which is it to be?

From the very first opening riffs of the album’s opening track ”Fear No More”, you know you are listening to something special. Then the drum and bass kicks in. ”Pow” soon, as you hear the voice, you know this album rocks! We slide effortlessly into track 2, ”Far From Home”. It opens with gut busting riffs that turns into a melodic rock-fest of a track. Great vocals from ”Lee” delivering such a soulful melodic performance, much in the vein of ”Glenn Hughes”. Midway through Nigel takes over the vocal duties and is no slouch in this department. He is a very accomplished singer in his own right as his previous albums will testify. All throughout the album you have the sense that we are almost in the midst of a vocal duel. Switching from Nigel to Lee, and then both together and it carries well. Very well indeed. They display a chemistry between them that seems to blend onto each track. It feels as if it was just meant to be.

”Scream” continues in this vein, back and forth vocals backed up by a very tight melodic rhythm section. With some thunderous riffs from ”Paul Hume” of whom ”Eddie Van Halen” would be proud of. ”Feels Like Love” brings the pace down a little, but not to enough to be classed a ballad, rather more of a melodic rock love song with great vocals and guitar solo. This sure has the makings to be a hit single.

The title track, “Scream”, is a real rocker with thundering drums, big bass and a guitar soundtrack to take you on a joyride of six-stringed pleasure. Not forgetting the vocals of ”Lee and Nigel”. This one will have you foot-tapping and head banging within seconds.

”Danger In The Sky” brings the pace back down to an even melodic keel. Great vocals again go back and forth between the two power men. Great catchy chorus in this track and is backed by the ever tight rhythm section. Oh, there is an awesome solo thrown in for good measure.

”Now His Angels Gone” is a beautiful song in every way. From the haunting piano, through to the delivery of vocals and harmony provides the evidence of how well this track is written. I wouldn’t normally give the top mark of 10/10. That is usually saved for the genius albums in this music genre. ”Lifeline” deserves their spot at the pinnacle and apex of this music genre. ”Scream” is a 12 track Melodic Masterpiece. ”Nigel, Lee, Paul, Andy and Steve” take a bow. Someone once said that “rock is dead”, but these guys have just given it a ”LifeLine”.

Written by: Shane Bradley

Ratings: Shane 10/10

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