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Kings of Spade – Kings of Spade Review



Released by: Self Release

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Rock

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Kasi Nunes – Vocals

Jesse Savio – Guitar

Matt Kato – Drums

Tim Corker – Bass


Track Listing:

01. This Child

02. San Antone

03. Bottoms Up

04. Sweet

05. Lost

06. Take Me

07. Way She Goes

08. Ronda Rousey

09. Strange Bird

10. Mess of Me


I had never heard of Kings of Spade until just before they took the stage opening for King’s X recently. All I knew up until that moment was that my friend Dennis told me I wasn’t going to believe her voice. As soon as Kasi Nunes started you could’ve knocked me over with a feather at this fantastically soulful and bluesy voice. Not only was her voice amazing, but her band was phenomenal too. I could not wait to get my hands on their album and let the tunes wash over my ears.

When I gave it its first spin I was just as hooked, but I think that had to do more with the fact I was already a hopeless Kings of Spade junkie by this point from the live show. Much like with their stage presentation, the album encompasses several different styles while remaining faithful to their already established sound. Ranging from the funky alternative sounding “Take Me” to the soulfully poppy “Sweet” to the hard rocking down and dirty “This Child” to the infectious Stones influenced “Way She Goes” to the Kravitz inflected rockin’ soul of “Strange Bird” to the heart wrenching blues of “Mess of Me” Kings of Spade deliver a very powerful album full of driving guitar riffs from Jesse Savio, hard hitting drums from Matt Kato, and funky bass runs from Tim Corker.

Although this is a band that must be seen to be believed the album delivers a good taste of what Kings of Spade are capable of delivering on stage. This album will receive numerous listens throughout my life as it covers so many sounds and emotions. For such a young and new band, their s/t debut is magnificent. I highly encourage you to see them live though. The album doesn’t do them the proper justice they deserve, though it is a mighty delicious taste.

Written by: Chris Martin


Ratings: Chris 9/10

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