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A Sound of Thunder – Tales From the Deadside Review

Sound of Thunder

Released by: Mad Neptune Records

Release date: 25 September 2015

Genre: Metal/Rock/Progressive

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Nina Osegueda – Vocals

Josh Schwartz – Guitar

Chris Haren – Drums

Jesse Keen – Bass


Track Listing:

01. Children of the Dark

02. Sandria (Carry On)

03. Can’t Hold Back

04. Deadside

05. Tower of Souls

06. Losing Control (The Unquiet Shadow)

07. Punk Mambo

08. Alyssa (Life in Shadows)

09. Tremble

10. End Times


Wading through a sea of new bands there are few that have made as positive impact on me as A Sound of Thunder. My first exposure was when I saw them opening for my very first Raven show. I was already pretty amped for the show because as a lifelong Raven fan to finally be able to see them was a dream come true. Typically under these circumstances I don’t care who is opening, but ASoT made such an impact on me with their songs and delivery I was blown away. I have since followed their career and devoured every album they have released with multiple listens, seen them live again as the headliner, and gotten to know most of the members fairly well through social media. They are a band for the fans and with the fans. They have given the fans an opportunity, through Kickstarter funds for the last few albums, to help out and become a part of the experience. I know some people are absolutely against crowd funded stuff, but personally I think it can be a great thing, and ASoT have perfected it like no other, not only offering some absolutely amazing perks for donating, but also being very proactive and intimate with their fans.

Their latest album, Tales From the Darkside, went beyond the bands expectations as far as the funding was concerned, but have also surpassed my expectations for the quality of songs, and frankly those expectations were super high. It’s a concept album based on Valiant Entertainment’s Shadowman comic book. I love concept albums but am not a comic guy (outside of The Walking Dead and some Star Wars comics) but I found the story to be completely intriguing. Musically the songs are the best the band has written, ranging from haunting songs like “Alyssa (Life In Shadows),” chaotically intense “Punk Mambo,” progressive metal opus’ like “Children of the Dark,” and in your face molten metal like “Tower of Souls.” The songs are brought together by spoken work pieces that continue the story, tying everything together perfectly. Singer Nina Osegueda continues to show herself as one of the best female singers on the metal scene with her powerful voice whether she is singing sweetly or belting out her amazing scream. Guitarist Josh Schwartz delivers some amazing leads and guitar riffs; he truly is one of the most underrated players out there. With drummer Chris Haren bringing his thunderous beats and Jesse Keen supplying incredible bass work and brilliant keyboards to the mix, A Sound of Thunder are truly one of the most gifted bands playing today.

For a change something worth a damn comes out of the DC area instead of hot air. A Sound of Thunder has out done themselves with their new album Tales From the Darkside. If you are already one of the proud fans of this band, this album will not disappoint. If you want to find out what they’re all about this is an absolute perfect album for you to sink your teeth into to get a taste of how good they truly are. I’m also getting to see them live again very soon when they hit the road in support of this album, and I can’t wait!


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: Chris  10/10


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  1. I’m coming from the other direction. I am a comic fan who has not heard of A Sound of Thunder. But I agree that they’ve done a good job of bringing Shadowman’s first story arcs to life in song on this impressive concept album.


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