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Interview & Photos By Lindsey Appleton


Arthemis are a hard hitting metal band from Verona. The band was formed in 1999 off the back of Andrea Martongellis former band Nemhesis. They have moved from the days when they once fell under the category of a power metal band and have progressed onto being more of a Thrash Metal band. In 2013 they released their 1st live album with ‘Off Yer Rocka Recordings’ live from Hard Rock Hell in Wales. Since then the guys went onto grace the Main Stage at Bloodstock 2014. Andy Martongelli took time out of his busy schedule to talk with us.





MGM: Hi Andy thanks for taking time out of your schedule to speak to us today. You guys have just come back from Agglunation Festival where other artists such as Edguy and Obituary played, how did you guys find that?

ARTHEMIS 1Andy: It’s pretty cool and as always, we feel very lucky to be able to play at such big festivals in the world. So we enjoy every single moment and our goal is to deliver a killer show and make the crowd crazy all the times!

MGM: You are renowned for your furious guitar playing, but when your out on the road what do you guys do to kill time?

Andy: I’d say when we don’t play our instrument we always relax. Playing our instrument… hahaha… so basically we always play!!! Apart from that, we watch horror or dementia movies and like to go for a walk in every city we play and see what’s new! We’re not lazy bastards, we are doers and there’s no time to sleep.

MGM: Having toured with iconic legends such as I Am I, can you tell us any stories from touring with them?

Andy: Wow! That tour was super fun and we absolutely love ZP and his band. And it was crazy as at the end of the tour we were all speaking Italian hahaha, only the nasty words of course! That band is killer and can’t wait to play with them again for more wild nights together.

MGM: Last time we caught up with you, the band was supporting the fabulous Gus G at Manchester Academy. How does this compare to playing huge festivals such as Bloodstock where we saw you play the main stage?

Andy: Every tour, every festival in the world is always a new and exciting experience. So, let’s say all these live gigs give back something for you to remember. And so far, it is all great experiences that we will treasure forever. Touring Europe with brother Gus G was fantastic and I can say we were like a big crazy motherfuckers family!

IMG_1325MGM: There had been some pretty horrible weather for Bloodstock. What is it that spurs you on when you are faced with dreadful weather conditions such as this?

Andy: We unleash the fury twice as much and the crowd get it so easily and everyone forgets the bad weather during the set! It’s a chemistry between us and the crowd! Music drives us all into another dimension and we’re all invincible!

MGM: You released a cheesy pop album ‘Pop Up Your Ass’, how on earth did that come about?

Andy: hahaha that album is twisted and totally bad-ass at the same time. Metal Hammer UK e-mailed us about the idea of doing this as exclusive album for them and we like challenges, so we did it!! I still like that album a lot as it’s super catchy and the music has got balls!

MGM: Could we expect anything random and off the cuff like that in the future?

Andy: Who knows? Maybe Vol. 2 could see the light soon!

ARTHEMIS 4MGM: Your album ‘We Fight’ has been a massive hit world wide, is there a meaning behind the title of this album?

Andy: Yes it’s a true declaration of power to the people in the streets! It means we won’t be ignored, our voices scream louder than ever and we are stronger than all no matter what coz we’re not puppets even if somebody up there thinks we are.

MGM: What are the future plans for the band? Could we expect a new album anytime soon?

Andy: We’re getting ready to play more and more gigs soon. And yeah some good ideas here and there but just trying to find the right moment to sit down and do that as we are 100% busy with music every day.

MGM: Thanks for talking with us today.

Andy: Thank YOU and thank ALL OF YOU for reading this interview and supporting ARTHEMIS through the years brothers and sisters! We will be back soon and we can’t wait to see ya all and party like crazy with you! Stay Metal!




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