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Rapidfire Now


Released by: Frenzy Music

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Rock

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Todd Drye – Vocals/Guitar

Philip Snyder – Guitar/Vocals

Doyle Moore – Bass/Vocals

Bert Voswinkel – Drums/Vocals


Track Listing:

01. Headlong

02. Happy Pill

03. Space Song

04. False Sense

05. In From the Outside

06. Title Fight

07. Train To Hell

08. Stop and Think

09. Make A Change

10. Think Of Me


If you have never heard of the band Rapid Fire it’s not too shocking. They haven’t been a “real band” in a very long time, and outside of a show a couple of years ago when they reunited (and performed the same night as the reunited Paragon that set me on the path with them) haven’t done anything. Well, they have recorded an album. They were a pretty popular band on the local scene in North Carolina during the 80’s and into the early 90’s. I was familiar with them, but not on the same level as I was Paragon during high school. When I saw them perform that night though, I was blown away. They were a high energy band, great songs, and super talented performers.

The band has holed themselves up in Knothole Recording Studios working on an album that will be the physical embodiment of everything Rapid Fire has been about. I was beyond happy to hear they were doing a CD, and when producer Boo English slapped a copy of NOW in my hand at a recent King’s X show in Charlotte (where I also finally got to meet Todd Drye, Philip Snyder, and Doyle Moore from the band.) The album is simply amazing. You can tell that a lot of love and passion went into recording this album. Culling their sound from bands like Cheap Trick, KISS, and Midnight Oil, honing a finely crafted hard rocking pop sound with super melodic songs, such as “False Sense,” “Headlong,” “Title Fight,” and even a dash of southern twang with “Train To Hell,” Rapid Fire are one of those bands that should’ve made it much bigger than they did. Despite the band not working together in so many years, there is very obvious chemistry between these four men (including drummer Bert Voswinkel who I did not get to meet, singer/guitarist Drye, guitarist Snyder, and bassist Moore.)

Many people may not feel comfortable paying money for a band that the chances of seeing live are zero, or an album that is more of a commemorative symbol of what they bands past represents, however I think this is an album well worth plunking down the money for. It’s not just a time capsule capturing a moment in time for these four men and their lifelong fans; it’s a proud accomplishment for four men that are superb musicians and have a fine skill for writing very catchy and melodic songs. I wish there was some way the band could continue on, but it seems that chapter is done, but it wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere down the line these men put out more music in some form or another, whether together or on their own. Talent like this deserves to be heard.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: Chris 10/10


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