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W.A.S.P. is a legendary band that has been around for what seems to be forever. On 2nd October 2015, they are set to release their fifteenth album. Which makes...



Released by: Napalm Records

Release date: 2 October 2015

Genre: Rock/Hard Rock

Links:  waspnation.com , Facebook



Blackie Lawless – Vocals, Guitar

Mike Duda – Bass Guitar

Doug Blair – Lead Guitar

Mike Dupke – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Scream

02. Last Runaway

03. Shotgun

04. Miss You

05. Fallen Under

06. Slaves of the New World Order

07. Eyes of My Maker

08. Hero of the World

09. Golgotha


W.A.S.P., a legendary band that has been around for what seems like forever. On 2nd October 2015, they are set to release their fifteenth album. With a gap of almost 6 years since the previous release ‘Babyon’, the release of ‘Golgotha’ cannot come soon enough for fans. This therefore makes for a very special event and as such, in anticipation of the album release, we are providing a double review of the album.

Review 1:

It has been a long time coming, nearly six years in fact, since the world saw the last studio album from metal icons, W.A.S.P.’ This October the wait ends! Blackie Lawless and the legendary rockers will release their long awaited new album, ”Golgotha”.

Since their inception in 1982, W.A.S.P. gained notoriety for their shock rock antics. A career spanning over 3 decades, 17 world tours, and in spite of several line-up changes, fall-outs, protests and even death threats, it is here! Their 15th studio album! An album that has taken an age to complete partly due to Blackie’s unfortunate accident in which he severely broke his leg and required over six hours of surgery. Thankfully the surgery has been successful and as anyone who has seen them on their recent UK tour will attest to, he’s still got the energy and fire of a man twenty years younger. MyGlobalMind’s review of the recent London, Troxy show can be found HERE.

Although there are only 9 tracks on the album, there is no need for you to worry. Certainly you won’t feel as if you have been short changed by listening to this album. Each track is approximately 5+ minutes long. The entire album comes in at just short of an hour of playtime. So, fans are certainly in for an epic journey of pure W.A.S.P. debauchery or are they……?

The album screams into action with the first track, which is typical of the W.A.S.P. sound that has double kick, screaming guitars and that unmistakable Blackie sound on the vox. The rocking opener leaves you with baited breath ready for what’s to come. Track 2 the first single ”Last Runaway” is much more of the same. With not one, but two stunning guitar solos. This track will have you singing along in no time: ”ohh na na na ohh na na na”. “Miss You” was originally written for The Crimson Idol. It is probably the closest track to a ballad on the album. Although, ”Golgotha” is overall a toned down and more mature W.A.S.P. than what we are used to. ”Hero Of The World” is a full on highly melodic metal anthem. Double beats, guitar riffs and screeching voice that is almost reminiscent of old school W.A.S.P.

The closer and title track “Golgotha”, the site at which Christ was crucified, was the inspiration for the title. Throughout the years of listening to W.A.S.P. and Blackie sing of debauchery, alcohol, and sex, it is quite a change to hear Blackie churning out: ”Jesus I need you now! Free me I’m lost somehow!” With that said, this is an excellent track. ”Heavens Hung In Black” filled with heart churning riffs, solos, and the unmistakable ”Blackie” pipes.

Overall ”Golgotha” is filled with highly infectious melodic rock anthems and sees the return of one of rocks giants. I am delighted to say ”welcome back boys it has been a long time”.

Written by: Shane Bradley

Ratings: Shane 9/10


Review 2:

W.A.S.P. has a new album out and it’s actually pretty damn good. That may shock some people to hear that. For starters, just to clarify, I’ve been a huge fan for a very long time, and for the most part have enjoyed all of their albums to one degree or another. Some have not been as good (Helldorado for sure,) but Blackie has been relatively consistent over the years in making albums that at least maintain the core sound of the band (KFD being the exception.) You get two types of W.A.S.P. albums: both the down and dirty hard rock of their early 80’s albums (and what he tried to recapture with Helldorado) or the thoughtful concept albums of the late 80’s (and many of the albums after KFD.) I would say the albums that have stuck with me the most have been The Headless Children and The Crimson Idol, but I also love the s/t debut and The Last Command too.

The new album is called Golgotha and manages to combine the thought-provoking Blackie with the kick ass metal Blackie to make a damn fine album. I can’t say it’s the best album he’s ever done, but it is definitely one of the best albums he’s done in many years. In fact, I like it so much I’d put it in my top 10, and probably pretty close to top 5. Even with the album clocking in at close to an hour in length, it’s a pretty exciting album. Lawless sounds as good as ever vocally, and the songs are full of blazing riffs and solos, up-tempo to darker moments, and sound like he has a fire within him he hasn’t had in some time. Songs like “Slaves of the New World Order,” “Scream,” “Eyes of My Maker,” and the album closing “Gologtha” are definitely some of his finest songs in ages.

As someone who has liked the last few W.A.S.P. albums, I have to say this one is much better. When I heard samples of it before hearing the whole album, I was pretty excited about the possibilities for Golgotha. After listening to it many times now I’m glad to hear that my excitement was warranted. If you have been less than satisfied with Blackie’s output the last few albums, give WASP one more chance. Again, this isn’t the best album they have ever done, but it’s probably as close as it’s going to get. I really love it and am very glad to hear that Mr. Lawless has some more inspiration in him.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: Chris 9/10





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