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Seven Witches – The Way Of The Wicked Review



Released by: ILS

Release date: 18 September 2015

Genre: Metal/Power Metal




Jack Frost – Guitars

Ronnie Parkes – Bass

Johnny Kelly – Drums

Anthony Cross (a.k.a. Anthony Regalbuto) – Vocals


Track Listing:

01. The Way Of The Wicked

02. Better Daze

03. Among Us

04. Soul Searching

05. Dreams

06. Without Man

07. When I Flew

08. Angel Of Salvation

09. Rise Up

New Jersey rockers ”Seven Witches”, led by guitarist Jack Frost, is an American band inspired by the classic 80’s metal acts. Being around for a number of years they have released nine albums to date. As mentioned, their style is classic American traditional power metal, reminiscent of bands such as Helstar, Manowar, and Metal Church. The list of past and present members of the band is impressive, which links Seven Witches to practically every other American power metal band in existence.

After 9 studio albums and a plethora of changes to the band, ”Seven Witches” returns with a more settled line up. The current line-up includes the former Farcry Bassist, ”Ronnie Parkes” the man with thunder in his fingertips, as well as well travelled Anthony Cross. In recent years Cross has spent time singing for bands like Livesay, Shadow Image and Attacker. Cross has also lead the charge with an iron maiden tribute act Sanctuary. Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig, Seventh Void) completes the line up on the skins.

In what will be ”Seven Witches” 10th studio release entitled ”The Way Of The Wicked” the Mix and Mastering was by Joey Vera of Fates Warning, Armored Saint & Motor Sister. Joey is a long-time friend and former member of Seven Witches.

The opener and title track ”The Way Of The Wicked” starts with a rather subdued and mellow sound. Suddenly! Pow! You are reminded that this is a metal band and not a ”boy band”. The drums kick to life. The rumbling of bass and screeching guitar sets your senses alight. You are taken on a joyride of metal mayhem in old-school style. ”Better Daze” will make you think that this is a Whitesnake classic, almost. The rhythm section is tight, as is the vocals. With some great riffs and chops to fill you with hope of Better Daze. ”Among us” has an old-school Ozzy sound right down to the Rhoads’esque guitar playing. Excellently played by ”Jack Frost”. There certainly are no frozen chops on this one. ”Dreams” crunches into action with some of Ronnie’s best bass work. Shining through the drums and power chords the heavy riffs are backed up by very impressive vocals from Cross. ”Without Man” probably my favourite track has a gut busting rhythm section which supplements the chops and licks of Frost like a shot of Jack Daniels over ice. On ”Angel Of Salvation” high hats clash and guitars clang. This track has the makings of a future single hit. It has a catchy with a sing-along vibe, which stretches into full on air guitar mode. The closing track, ”Rise Up”, takes you back (if you are lucky enough to remember) to the days of Power Hour, MTV and Headbangers Ball graced our television screens. And you rocked until the early hours. If a ballsy riff driven solo screeching 80’s style, straight up heavy rock is what your after, then ”The Way Of The Wicked” ticks all the right boxes. It has just enough of an up-to-date sound which appeals not only to the nostalgic but also to the newer generations as well. In fact, this album hits you like a shot of viagra stiffening your senses and leaving you dripping with musical pleasure.

Written by: Shane Bradely


Ratings: Shane 8/10

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