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Evile live at Manchester Academy, UK on September 26th, 2015



Review by Lindsey Appleton

Photos by Lindsey Appleton – LA Photography



Hell To Pay

Hell to Pay

Hell to Pay are a heavy rock band hailing from Manchester UK.

They opened up Manchester Club Academy tonight with their roaring style rhythms, making their mark on the stage which will be hard for other acts to follow.

They have a very Van Halen’esque style.

They get the crowd going with songs such as ‘Judgement Day’ which is hard hitting, with lots of tasty guitar riffs, and heavy thunderous drum beats that will make your mouth water.

They end their set with their title track ‘Hell to Pay’ which starts off very melodic and slow going, their tone has changed but there are still cascading guitar riffs that belt out throughout the song.

This band is rich and vibrant and a good start to the night.



Aggressive Perfector

Agressive Perfector

These guys were very thrashy and demonic, styling that of Slayer and Venom.

Their guitar riffs were very heavy and skewed, drums were powerful and driven along with deep booming bass.

Vocals were deep and growly, mixed with the occasional scream.

Circle pits started in the crowds as these guys got on stage.


One Machine

One Machine_1One Machine_2

One Machine, fronted by singer/song writer Steve Smyth (Testament/Nevermore) are an international metal band with both classic and modern influences.

Vocalist Chris Hawkins shows a lot of versatility within his vocal range going from mellow and low key to hitting those dramatic ear piercing high notes delivering an amazing performance.

One Machine has a very distinct sound where the guitar and bass complement one another, and boundaries are pushed to new territories giving you that almighty experience that you wont have encountered before.

The elements of bands that they have played with before bands such as (Nevermore/Forbidden/Dragonlord/Testament/Mnemic), aspects of these bands show through their playing styles which are merged into various songs throughout their set.

Smyths solos shine through with thunderous consistency which will leave you simply astounded, his performance tantalising like some sort of black magic which draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

The band really get the crowd pumped and ready for the final act of the night Evile.




After waiting 2.5 years for these guys to make a reappearance after Guitarist Ol Drake decided to step down from the band, it was great to see these guys back on stage and with their new guitarist Piers Donno.

The guys tonight have decided they are going to play their entire album ‘Skull’ which they released in 2013.

The guys are welcomed onto the stage with a roar of applause from the crowd, and the crowd chanting ‘welcome back’.

Matt Drake looks a little overwhelmed to say the least, but that doesn’t stop him giving an amazing performance tonight here at Manchester Academy.

Songs such as ‘Skull’ and ‘Words of the Dead’ get the crowd pumped, there are people throwing the metal horns in the air as a mark of respect for these guys.

A circle pit has now taken over the entire dance floor area of the venue people throwing themselves about, and crowd surfers soaring across the tops of peoples heads headed for the stage, tonight people have really got that heavy metal spirit and thats all thanks to Evile.

Ben Carter pounds out some monstrous beats on the drums that complement Joel Grahams heavy hard hitting Bass.

Piers fits in perfectly with these guys as he shows pure agility throughout the show, shredding some powerful riffs out.

Eviles thrash metal style is deep, it rips into you, these guys are nothing more than a complete sensation to watch.

Matt Drakes vocals are really on key tonight, clean, clear and crisp, he shows that he is completely focussed as he thrashes out some tight guitar riffs that rival all others that have played on this stage tonight.

Absolutely incredible performance, welcome back lads!.

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