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Mustasch – Testosterone Review



Released By: Gain Music Entertainment

Released: 18 September 2015

Genre: Hard Rock

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Line Up:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – Vocals, Guitar

David Johannesson – Lead Guitar

Stam Johansson – Bass

Jejo Perkovi – Drums


Track List:

1.o Yara´s Song

2.0 Breaking Up With Disaster

3.0 The Rider

4.0 Down To Earth

5.0 The Hunter

6.0 Dreamers

7.0 Be Like A Man

8.0 Someone

9.0 Under The Radar

10.0 Testosterone

These Swedish Heavy Metallers are back with the latest Testosterone, giving a diversified mix between Soft to down right Heavy Metal throughout. No stranger from the studio after releasing albums every 1 to 2 years, making this ninth album a smashing follow up from 2014’s Thank You For the Demon. Gyllenhammar kept his promise and released pure creative freedom for all instrumental melodies ranging from heavy to slow hooks and grooves. I was intrigued with its honest theme about manhood in general, as it showcased many realities that many men and women experience as a whole.

Launching with “Yara’s Song” had a rather sedative introduction that included a smooth guitar riff until the vocals sworn in. Once everything aligned to the constant melody it captured my attention, especially with the admitting manly romance-esque lyrics, “Cause in the night. I see your face. Unable to comprehend. And I will dry. Dry your tears. Female evil I try to understand. I don’t understand. The dark side of man.” The emotion lingered nicely with a well-produced flow until the end. Picking up the pace with another promised attribute to this album, that included double bass drums and crushing guitar riffs in “Breaking Up With Disaster.” It bleeds revenge with its aggressive catchy beats where, I can personally see myself head banging along.  

Spiraling to a down tempo with the acoustic sounding “The Rider,” is one of the most inspirational tracks on the album, especially from the lyrics such as, “It’s a road I must travel alone. But my cargo is under control. I am heading into the unknown. I’m The Rider.” It showcases a fear many experience that can interpret it as they see fit for their own lives. Moving back with aggression however, this time in a different lively and 80s style with “Down To Earth.” This is one of my favorite tracks where it motivates all to keep on moving.    

The pacing continues to change as “The Hunter” beats in with dark vocals and thunderous bass lines which crushes into a grooving 70s style track. I enjoyed the melodic coordination between the drums and piano the most. It is a blistering yet older melody, where it combines Classic Rock with today’s Groove Metal. As the style continues to change, “Dreamers” kicks in with a slow, Western-esque opening and progresses to a harmonic emotive piece. This one is slightly repetitive but its natural movement keeps it interesting.        

Grueling into the next, “Be Like a Man,” is exactly just that. The screams alone make this the heaviest track on the album thus far. The opening guitar riff in “Someone” caught my attention from the first instant. This continued to power through with lyrics that would cut through anyone’s soul, including, “Sheer blackness grasps my soul. Just by the thought of losing you. Eternal darkness I’m breaking through. I really hope I have to leave before you.” It’s engaging and mixed well, where despite the depressing subject anyone should easily be able to Rock out to. Continuing to pound through my ears as “Under The Radar” cut right in on a Groovy and fresh note. This track should hands down be played on the radio, especially with its fun and catchy chorus. The last track, which is the album’s titled track, “Testosterone” closed out with harsh bass lines that evaporated into Heavy Metal frenzy. Saving the best guitar solo for last on this one made it the perfect choice to conclude the entirety of the album.

Each track remains distinctive and original, with not even a sliver of repetition. A stand alone quality, with sharp vocals throughout. It did take me a few listens to open up to this album but, it eventually sinks in and now I can’t get enough of it.  

Written by: Zenae Zukowski

Rating: Zenae 8/10



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