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Mike Tramp live at The Corporation, Sheffield, UK on September 26th, 2015



All words and Live Photo Credit: Shane Bradley




World renowned vocalist Mike Tramp (White Lion, Freak Of Nature, Tramp Solo) has one of those instantly recognizable voices, a veteran of the rock and roll scene, “Tramp” has been on tour to promote his new album entitled ”Nomad”. I had the pleasure of catching ”Tramp” at the Corporation In Sheffield.

The venue at the corporation is split into separate rooms we were upstairs in what is known as the ”Local Authority” a small but very snug and comfortable area.

Lucer had the honours of being not only supporting act but also ”Tramps” backing band ”Lucer” who were formerly known as L.A Connection are a young band hailing from Copenhagen consisting of brothers ”Anders Bøgemark Lasse Bøgemark,and Jonathan Nørgaard”.

Lucer_2 Lucer_1

Despite their relatively young age ”Lucer” sure know how to rock from the moment they stepped onstage the energy was there, although not packed out at this time the boys gave us one rocker after another, although if there is one gripe and it is only a small one ,the fact their set was not longer,”Lucer”certainly have a very bright future with only two songs into their set they were wooing’ the crowd like veterans, time was soon up for the boys from ”Lucer” but not before they had the time to share a fun fact that they were compared to a rocking version of One Direction which brought fits of laughter from the by now increasingly growing crowd.

Tramp_1 Tramp_2

Time for Mike to hit the stage, by now the venue was almost capacity, and this is what the crowd had been waiting for, starting out with the classic White Lion ”Hungry” ,the crowd are soon into it with ”Mike’ ‘stopping briefly to remind us that this was his 7th time at the Corporation since 2003 there was a few brief breaks between songs to tell us one anecdote, story, and memory after another this i feel made the whole night more intimate and personal, one of my favorites is  how he consistently got into trouble from ”Vito Bratta” for telling him the guitar solo is only for the singer to change jackets, Vito Mikes’ former band mate in White Lion, who Mike affectionately tells us was one of the greatest guitarists of all time a sentiment that all in attendance cheered their approval. One song after another including ”Cobblestone St, Little Fighter, Tell Me, Dont Wanna Wait Till Forever, Broken Heart, Give It All You Got, High Like A Mountain” the list was pure magic with plenty a mixture of old White Lion tracks sang Mikes way and Mikes ‘new solo material, the crowd singing along to Mikes’ new material was a high point for the singer himself he seemed to glow and burst with ”Pride” in the fact that his songs were known and loved by so many. As any show it has to end and the final song ”More To Life Than This’ ‘had everyone singing along until midway through when suddenly the pace slowed and we were into the classic Thin Lizzy Track ”The Sun Goes Down” before finishing back with more to life than this, the energy, wit and charm these guys brought was immense ”Lucer’ ‘brought the rock and ”Mike” brought the roll. He will be back and if you like good old fashioned rock and roll spiced and spliced with plenty of humor in the company of one of the greatest singers and front men ever, then be sure to catch ”Mike” next year.


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