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Martina Edoff – Unity Review

Released by: MRM Production AB

Release date: 16 October 2015

Genre: Melodic Rock/Rock




Martina Edoff

Jona Tee


Track Listing:

01. Unity

02. Never Let You Down

03. World Has Gone Mad

04. Spirit Of Light

05. Come Alive

06. I Am Mining

07. Love Keeps Turning Away

08. Moment Of Truth

09. Sound Of Thunder

10. This Love Is Crazy

11. Caught In The Middle

Martina Edoff, who hails from Sweden, has recorded and toured with the likes of Dr Alban and the Swedish phenomenon, E-type. This was before becoming a founder member of double platinum selling The Poodles. As Poodles fans will know, the band started their career as a cover band before evolving into what we know and love them as today. The latest offering, which will be Martina’s sophomore solo release, is entitled ”Unity”. The first single entitled “The World Has Gone Mad” was released in May 2015 and was mixed by multiple Grammy award winning engineer and mixer, Justin Niebank. Justin in 2010 won a Grammy for Album of the Year for Taylor Swift’s close to 9 million selling album ”Fearless”. He also has worked with Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. Martina Edoff’s producer and sound engineer Tobias Lindell has previously recorded, mixed and produced bands such as Europe, Mustasch and Hardcore Superstar. Martina has been personally involved in the recording process and has worked closely together with her co-writers to ensure the material has the right sound. Together with Jona Tee (keyboard player for H.E.A.T) the songs have been developed into a sound that perfectly suits Martina’s voice.

The Album kicks off with the title track ”Unity”. Straight off the bat there are great riffs and a melodic score that is just pure heaven. You soon realise what you are going to get with this album. With a drum roll we are into track 2 ”Never Let You Down”. Slightly slower paced with a great sing-a-long chorus and some meaty hooks. Track 3 and the first single from the album ”World Has Gone Mad” kicks in. It means business. Further drawing your attention that the World Has (in fact) Gone Mad. Some really good riffs and a great solo. Wow! What a great voice! ”Spirit Of Light” has a balladesque feel with a slight sound from a Robin Beck track. A great uplifting vibe to ‘Come Alive” makes you do just that. It is a melodic rocker that feels like an anthem. Soon will have you foot tapping and head banging. ”Love Keeps Turning Away” is another rocker, which has a catchy chorus, great backing vocals and a bruising rhythm.

”Moment Of Truth” is a nice melodic ballad with a great uplifting vibe. It is reminiscent of a 90’s Cher, which will transport you to back to the day. The closing track ”Caught In The Middle” has a great catchy chorus. It will have you singing along the moment you hear it.

“Unity” is a superb slice of melodic heaven. From the opening track to the closing song, there are no fillers on this album. One track after the other is a masterpiece. If you like your rock melodic with the voice of an angel, then you could do no better than “Unity” by Martina Edoff. This is right at the top of this year’s new releases. It is very well written and produced. The album has delivered a real sense of ”Unity” and it is a future classic in every sense of the word.


Written by: Shane Bradley

Ratings: Shane  10/10


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