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Deepshade – Everything Popular Is Wrong Review

Released by: Ambicon Records

Release date: 25 September 2015

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal/Grunge/Psychedelic

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Rybka – Vocals/Guitar

Doherty – Bass

Barlow – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Time

02. The Line

03. Out of Hand

04. Tattoo

05. Haven’t Said a Word

06. Bring the Axe Down

07. Low Lights

08. The Blood the Mud the Tears

09. Chairman

10. Sad Sun


Out of Wigan, UK comes the trio Deepshade. A band playing pure Alternative Rock with a sort of 1990’s approach. It could be called Grunge as well, although there is a The Doors kind of Classic Rock vibe shining through. For example the excellent up-tempo rocking “The Line” that does remind one of “Queens Of The Stone Age” quite a lot. Anyway, the band released a very strong diverse album entitled “Everything Popular is Wrong”, which starts with a Nirvana sort of noisy grunge track “Time”. As already mentioned, the CD takes a different route after that with the song “The line”, which is followed by the late 1960s psychedelic mid-tempo rocker “Out of hand”. On these tracks the band’s vocalist/guitarist David Rybka sounds a bit like David Bowie. David is a fantastic singer, who clearly fits in well with this diverse rocking band. I have to say that Deepshade leaves a big impression with their first album. The festival season of 2016 could well become their big breakthrough if they’re lucky. If only an appearance on the Jools Holland show would be possible, then Deepshade will get a big boost to become more known. They definitely have the potential to become the next big rock band. So, who knows in the near future they might be in store for greater things. Other highlights on the album are “Haven’t Said a Word”, “Bring the Axe Down” and “Sadsun”. In case you want to order their CD, the album packaging is really great with some nice drawings with a real retro look. Well done guys!

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 8/10



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