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Faith Healer – Back to Zero Review

Released by: RVP Records

Release date: 16 October 2015

Genre: Rock

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Peter Bourbon – Guitars

Dennis Geraads – Drums

Peter Rovers – Bass

Zinny Zalesky – Vocals

Marc Meesters – Guitars


Track Listing:

01. Send Me a Sign

02. Going With the Flow

03. Love is a Crime

04. Grain in the Sand

05. Mean Machine

06. Keep on Dreaming

07. On the Run

08. Why Don’t We Go

09. Be My Serpentine

10. Tell Us Who You Are

11. B-Ware

12. Hungry for Rock


Formed in 2014 by Dutch guitarist Peter Bourbon of Picture, Vengeance and many more, the band Faith Healer is a new sensation on the horizon. The line-up is completed by Dennis Geraads (drummer, producer, sound engineer and owner of the Skillz Drums Academy), Peter Rovers (bass), Marc Meesters (guitarist and singer) and young Polish vocalist – Zinny Zalesky (Piotr “Zinny” Zaleski). Zinny has a fantastic Rock-voice, reminding me of Sebastian Bach and other typical classic late 80’s American Poser Metal singers. The music is also very much going into that classic Hair Metal genre, reminding of bands like Bangalore Choir, Hericane Alice, Hurricane, Y&T, Dokken, Heaven’s Edge, Tyketto, Victory, Firehouse, Know Illusion, Slyboyz, Whitesnake. Basically melodic hard rock with an edge, a straightforward massive wall-of-guitar-sound, catchy hooks, memorable choruses, classic guitar riffs and guitar solos along with in-your-face vocals. The production and sound quality of the album is at an incredibly high level, so is the musicianship and most of the 12 songs are very sensational. A must-have for any fans of the afore-mentioned bands. If we have a run through the track listing we can add as favorite tracks “Going with the Flow” (a fantastic up tempo melodic heavy rocker), the mid tempo “Love is a Crime” (a really massive sounding melodic rocker as if it was 1989 or something, with a faster up-tempo part that features lovely guitar work), the semi-melodic rock ballad “Keep on Dreamin’” and the lovely up-tempo melodic rocker “Why Don’t We Go”. This album sounds like an American band recorded it 25 years ago for a major label band, ready for the American radio and TV world. But they are from Holland and with this album they are making their debut.

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 9/10



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