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Jonathan Kasper – In the know Review

Released by: Independent

Release date: 28 May 2013

Genre: Rock

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Jonathan Kasper – Vocals

Jerry Kimbrough – Guitars

Doug Kahan – Bass

Dann Sherrill – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Wake Up Your Soul

02. Lead Me to the Light

03. In the Know

04. Done, Done Deal

05. Feminist Girl

06. Well, You Shouldn’t Be Surprised

07. And That Look in Your Eyes

08. Back On Track

09. My Old Friend, John

10. Little Picture

11. Carrie

12. No Freedom Train

13. One Life


Most surprising fact on this release is the appearance of 1980s AOR veteran Doug Kahan on bass. Doug is best known for being a member of Flash Kahan, Adrenalin, DC Drive, PKM, Paul Thorn and countless other bands/projects as a session musician. On this album from singer/songwriter Jonathan Kasper, he plays bass and musically speaking it is not far removed from Doug’s 80s heydays. Jonathan himself was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, but eventually moved to Nashville, Tennessee where he built up his solo career, which now results in the release of “In the know”. It seems that Jonathan’s previous records was more jazz based, but with this new record it is all about melodic pop rock. Besides Jonathan and Doug, the line-up consists of Jerry Kimbrough on guitars, Dann Sherrill on drums and Steve King on piano and keyboards. The album’s producers Joe “Guido” Welsh and Dave Matthews also appear on the album. Running through the track listing, it all starts with Wake Up Your Soul, which is a strong midtempo rocker with a sort of early 80s vibe. Some powerpop/heartland-rock/aor style is noticeable here. Followed by Lead Me to the Light (lovely catchy up-tempo power pop, classic early 80s style a la Dwight Twilley and Billy Branigan). In the Know is a pure early 80s power pop rock and roll a-la Phil Seymour. Done, Done Deal is an up-tempo power pop track with Feminist Girl being a bit quirkier, even feels a bit like The Who and The Kinks. Well, You Shouldn’t Be Surprised is a great soulful tune. And That Look in Your Eyes has a Rolling Stones riff, which makes for a great tune! Back On Track is a lovely mid tempo AOR and comes off as very strong track. My Old Friend, John is semi ballad track while Little Picture bangs in as a strong up-tempo pop rocker, with great vocal skills and a deadly catchy hook which is a bit AORish a-la Michael Morales. Carrie is even more AORish in a Rick Springfield sort of style. No Freedom Train features a great guitar solo and is nice track to rock to. The album closes with One Life, which appears to be an ok rocking tune. This is high quality stuff with a pure early 80s American Radio Power pop style that will remind you of the legendary band The Ravijns, if anyone remember them at all. Overall, fans of Tommy Tutone, The Romantics, The Knack will absolute love this album.

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 8/10



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