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King George – Love Songs and Medications Review

Released by: Independent

Release date: 22 September 2014

Genre: Rock Pop

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George Zois – Vocal/Guitar/Piano


Michael Makris – Drums

Chris Wyatt – Lead Guitars

Ben Rogers – Bass


Track Listing:

01. Slingshot

02. Truth & Lies

03. Heroes

04. Hover

05. 904

06. Firestone

07. Why Am I Here?

08. Broken Hearted Whispers

09. Running Away

10. No Comment


Sensational release from the band King George out of Australia! They are formed around George Zois (Vocal/Guitar/Piano). The band released their debut album; Prisoners Of The Pluto Junction in 2010; now follow it up with Love Songs and Medications. This album was actually already released in 2014, but so far hasn’t been noticed up until now. George is a very talented strong singer/songwriter, with a great voice and a very keen focus on writing catchy melodies for each and every song. All 10 songs on this record are sounding brilliant and sometimes it sounds like if this is a classic album. It has a major label sound/production and loaded with potential hit songs. Opener Slingshot is a very catchy up-tempo pop rocker with a modern approach in the style of The Killers and Kings Of Leon. While the mid-tempo Truth and Lies has a slight touch of Muse and Coldplay, another huge hit potential almost arena rock anthem. And so it goes; on and on, with many catchier up-tempo sing-a-long pop rockers, such as Heroes (fantastic!), Hover (great guitar solo), Running away (pure AOR!) and 904. There are some similarities to an ‘80’s U2, Ultravox, Bystander, Dragon, Inxs, or whatever ‘80’s pop-rock-band that comes to mind. I think you’ll get the picture. Although it might not be that original, King George has what it takes to become huge for sure!

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 9/10

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