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Midori and Ezra Boy – Midori and Ezra Boy Review

Released by: Independent

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Rock

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Midori Longo- Vocals

Tiger Yakimoto – Strings/Vocals

Dave Briggs- Drums/ Vocals

Sean Zilla – Bass


Track Listing:

01. So What

02. Burned

03. Wound Up

04. Born Lucky

05. Love Avalanche

06. Over the Edge

07. Not Waiting Here

08. Mile High

09. On and On

10. Killing Me

11. Light the Fire


Out of the Bay-Area in San Francisco come Midori and Ezra Boy. A band with a strong 1980’s US Hair Metal influence. This band is formed around lead singer Midori Longo, drummer Dave Briggs, guitarist Sean Zilla and bassist/guitarist Tiger Yakimoto. Midori is an incredible singer; with both an attitude and classic hard rock looks and a killer rock voice. She sings in the classic female fronted hard-rock-style and combined with the music, sometimes memories of “If Only”, “Laos”, “Saraya”, “Private Life”, “Vixen” and such come to mind while listening to their 2nd CD. The opening track; “So What” is a fantastic AOR/Melodic Rock anthem. It features a part of Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend”. 11 songs are included and besides that catchy opener, other highlights are the mid-tempo groovy melodic rocker “Love Avalanche”, the up-tempo “On and On” (also a bit Halestorm meets Paramore), the up-tempo The Donnas’ hard rocking “Killing me” and closing track “Light the Fire”, that rocks as hard and groovy as Blues Pills. Do not miss this great melodic hard rock album that features excellent vocals and blistering guitar work. A definite must for fans of previously mentioned bands, but it also touches the modern way of female fronted hard/heavy rock. Rock the way it needs to sound like!

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 8/10



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