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Unbreakable – Knockout Review

Released by: Dark Star Records

Release date: 29 July 2014

Genre: Hard Rock

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Al Crespo – Vocals

Martin Ries – Guitar

Pascal Alles – Guitar

Alex Ries – Drums

Lukas Mittler – Bass


Track Listing:

01. Knockout

02. Rock the Nightlife

03. Come Back to Me

04. Bad Blood

05. Obsession

06. Crazy Cat Lady

07. In Your Heart

08. Good Times

09. Back to the Roots

10. Game of Life


It’s a new record from the Scorpions during their 1980’s heyday best! Nope! This is the debut album from the new German band “Unbreakable”. I have to admit that this could easily have been a new Scorpions record. However the songs are slightly catchier than their heroes last few comeback records. The producer of this, Unbreakable’s first record is none-other than Herman Rarebell, the former Scorpions Drummer and writer of songs like “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Blackout” and many more. The album was recorded at the Principal Studios and the Kidroom Studio with Michael Voss of “Mad Max”, “Casanova” and many other legendary German melodic hard rock bands. Although nothing new is brought to the table and the songs are either in the Classic “Rock You like a Hurricane”/”No One like You” style. “Rock the Nightlife” and “Good Times” are prime examples of this. The album includes a typical Scorpions ballad style tracks, “Come Back to Me” and “In your Heart”, the album sounds very strong. The fantastic opener “Knockout”, is a memorable highlight as we have a true melodic hard rock winner to sing-a-long to. Other highlights are “Obsession” and “Back to the Roots”. Fans of 1980’s Scorpions as well as Heat, Dokken and Firehouse will absolutely love this band. With their first album “Unbreakable” could become the next melodic hard rock sensation to hit the big time.

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 8/10


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