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The Widowbirds – Black into the Blue Review

Released by: Whistling Dixie Records/Teenage Head Music

Release date: 22 June 2015

Genre: Soul Rock ‘n Roll

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Simon Meli – Vocals, Guitars

Tony Kvesic – Guitars

Bobby Poulton – Bass

Robbie Wolf – Keys, Organs

Shane O’Neill – Drums


Track Listing:

01. The Rain Has Come

02. Born

03. Where The Lights Burn Low

04. Black Into The Blue

05. Making It Up As We Go Along

06. Sweet Trouble

07. Words You Throw

08. Wicked Servant

09. Dream Catcher

10. Suffers Me Gladly

The Widowbirds are from Sydney and, have been formed back in 2010 by Simon Meli – Vocals/guitar and Tony Kvesic – Guitar. They have already released 1 EP and 2 full-length Albums so far. “Black into the Blue” marks their 3rd release to date and this is probably could be their make or break record. They have the soul and they rock, but is it enough to stand out from the countless other acts in this rock world? Well, that is hard to tell, because they do remind me a lot of Aerosmith Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, The Black Crowes, injected with a strong soul voice. But judging this new album, I think they are not yet reaching that high level of the previously mentioned bands. They do offer some serious soulful rock a roll with bluesy groovy licks. Songs like Dream Catcher and Born are quite excellent actually. However, there are some average tunes on this album. Perhaps live on stage this band can truly show what they capable of. For now, there are other strong bands in this active genr, but nevertheless fans of Rival Sons, The Black Keys, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Royal Blood, etc. can easily check out this band.

Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 8/10



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