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Them Vibes – TV Review


Released by: Teenage Head Music

Release date: 8 September 2015

Genre: Rock ‘n Roll, Americana

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Alex Haddad

Larry Florman (Brother Love)

Kyle Lewis

Steve Wolfe


Track Listing:

01. Mamma’s Gotta Secret

02. You Get Me

03. Hit ‘n Run

04. I Kinda Like It

05. Gone with the Wind

After being formed in Nashville back in 2013 the band released their debut album in 2014. Them Vibes is ready to make their big break worldwide with their follow-up album TV. This album is actually a mini-album. The band worked with seven-time Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Richard Dodd in making this album. Richard has worked with the likes of Tom Petty, George Harrison, Counting Crows, The Civil Wars, Kings of Leon and Wilco. And the result is a stunning somewhat retro sounding rock album that sounds like a great combination of The Black Crowes, Jane’s Addiction, Rolling Stones and World Party. Them Vibes fits nicely in-between those acts and the 5 tracks on this album are of a very high quality. The highlight track for me is Hit ‘n Run. It smells a lot like classic Stones and Quireboys, with an AC/DC meets Cinderella beat included. I can highly recommend this band, whom might become bigger in 2016 if they are lucky enough to make a good start in Europe. They will be touring Europe in January 2016, so the festival season of 2016 could be witnessing the next big thing… Who knows!


Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem


Ratings: Gabor 8/10



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