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Alice Cooper Live at Plymouth Pavilions, UK on October 29th, 2015


Live Gig and Photos Credit: Francijn Suermondt


On a foggy rainy night 2 days before Halloween, the atmosphere couldn’t have been any more perfect for the Alice Cooper Halloween show at Plymouth. Goulish apparitions started to appear of all age groups from little mini 10 year Alice’s to lifelong fans in their 70’s….and this is what makes an Alice Cooper spectacular so special.

This was my first venture with a photo pass in the press pit, so the anticipation for me was higher than usual and waiting in the pit with the other professional photographers was starting give me my own spooky Halloween heebie jeebies … but when the giant fire blanket adorned with Alice’s face fell and the power packed Alice Cooper band exploded on to the stage I never looked back…. What a buzz!
If ‘Black Widow’ and the ‘House Of Fire’ warmed the crowd up nicely …. ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ started to set them on fire enabling fans to scream along to this superb rock anthem. ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ starts to bring the stomping, rocking groove into the arena and ‘Lost In America’ produces some spine tingling wailing guitar.



‘Hey Stoopid’ as the great pumping intro and a rousing chorus combined with superb action and crowd connection from guitarist Ryan Roxie who first joined the band in 1996.

Half way through we are all treated to a superb drum solo reminiscent of Tommy Aldrige the latter years, from Glen Sobel (who has also been sitting in for Tommy Lee whilst he has been recovering from a wrist injury on their present tour). This is followed by Nita Strauss a rock guitarist, who is a force to be reckoned with … providing a fellow rock chick with a super substantial amount of goose bumps, hair standing on end and RESPECT! Gradually, whilst Alice is in the throws of a wardrobe change, Chuck Garric, Nita, Glen, Ryan and Tommy Henriksen jam together looking like a naughty, LA rock gang ……. And yes you want to be initiated and join their crib! … hell it looks like fun!


The second half of the show is a Halloween extravaganza of giant Frankenstein monsters, snakes and a graveyard with accompanying covers (some better than the originals) of The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and The Who.

With a finale of ‘Schools Out’ complete with streamers and Halloween Pumpkin balloons …..Alice welcomed us to his nightmare and to be honest I didn’t want to wake up !!

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