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Saffire – For The Greater Good Review

Released by: AOR Heaven

Release date: 30 November 2015

Genre: Hard/Melodic Rock

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Tobias Jansson – Vocals

Victor Olsson – Guitars

Anton Roos – Drums

Dino Zuzic – Keyboards

Magnus Carlsson – Bass


Track Listing:

01. The Great Escape

02. Casters Of The First Stone

03. For The Greater Good

04. Heartless

05. Dandelion’s Shame

06. Shadowland

07. Wake Up The World

08. As Promises Burn

09. Blame It On The Rain

10. Ghost Town

11. This Is Not The End



Saffire are a melodic/hard rock band hailing from Sweden. Formed in 2005 when guitarist Victor Olsson and keyboard player Dino Zuzic were still at school. The idea was to form a band based on old school melodic hard rock and heavy metal with an added modern twist. After months of searching and auditioning, the duo were joined by Magnus Carlsson (Bass), Martin Jonasson (Vocals) and Gustav Elowson (Drums). Elowson and Jarbur later left the band to be replaced by Anton Roos on the drums and Tobias Jansson took over the vocal duties.

Their latest album: “For The Greater Good”, consists of 11 tracks written by Olsson and Jansson. The album was mixed and partly recorded at Sound Industry Studios by Arnold Lindberg (Evergrey, Ghost, Hardcore Superstar) before being mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Mustasch). This album follows on from their debut release “From Ashes To Fire”. The debut album received wide acclaim and Sweden’s biggest rock website (, placing it on their top 10 list of the best albums of 2013. That would be just the beginning for the band. They then toured Sweden extensively, playing at some of the biggest festivals alongside bands like (Slayer, Steel Panther, At The Gates and Sabaton).

Track 1 ”The Great Escape” kicks off with the classic sound of heavy organs (ala deep purple). Then the drum beats kick in and soon the soaring rock-esque vocals take us on a pleasure trip of the senses. With great riffs and chops added to the mix accompanying the great rhythm section, the track guides us along nicely to a crescendo of soaring guitars and keys.

Track 2 ”Casters Of The First Stone” has a much slower steadier beat intro with much more of the similar organs of old. The guitars, drums and bass soon kick into life taking us on a rythmic ride of melodic pleasure. This ride continues all the way into track 3 and title track ”For The Greater Good”. Huge guitars kick us off, as if the band is making a statement with this track: “We are here!” Much more aggressive in style and delivery which makes you sit up and take notice. There is a great solo in this track paired with much more of the heavy keys.

Track 7 ”Wake Up The World” again slows the pace with softer almost quiet keys. Then there is a rumbling of drums, searing bass and heavy guitars. With great chops and riffs almost leaves you with the feeling of a rock opera playing through your speakers.

Track 8 ”As Promises Burn” is the first of two tracks that are probably the closest to a ballad provided by this album. Toned right down with some soulful vocals, harmonic guitars and keys make a great backing track.

Track 9 ”Blame It On The Rain” kicks off with some great chops and becomes a great melodic rocker. Featuring a great rhythm section and vocals which leads up to a smashing solo.

The closing track; ”This Is Not The End”; is the second of the two more balladesque tracks. More soulful vocals, soothing keys and harmonic riffs that leads to another great solo before fading out leaving us on the edge awaiting a continuation as ”This Is Not The End”.

The Album “For The Greater Good” is a great melodic rocker from start to finish. It not only promises much but also delivers so much more. If you have to add a cd to your Christmas wish list, be sure to include this one.


Written by: Shane Bradely

Ratings: Shane 9/10

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