Interview with Phillip H. Anselmo for Housecore Horror Fest

Superjoint is performing on Friday night right before King Diamond. So as far as band stuff goes, I’ll be finished Friday but then as far as the weekend goes...


Interviewed by Marianne Jacobsen (Journalist/Writer) Myglobalmind Webzine



Housecore Horror Fest 2015

This year marks the Third Annual Housecore Horror Fest.  The brainchild of Co-founder Corey Mitchell – this is the Fan Expo for the non-fan.

With World premiers of films such as Hair Metal Shotgun Zombie Massacre and Q&As with the screenwriter of Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile – I’m going to guess this is not place for Bronies – let alone the faint of heart.

3 Screening Rooms, 2 Stages/Auditoriums full of bands (mj note – COC is gonna be there so you know its going to be awesome), VHS swap, Vendors and many special guest who love horror that’s Classic not Classy.

There is also the host and other founder of this festival, Mr. Phillip H. Anselmo who took the time to talk to me about the Fest, zombie apocalypse and a special Housecore field trip to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie set (mj – which is kind of ironic – RIP Gunnar Hansen)

…. And we talked about puke and stomach aids.



(phone is ringing)

PHA: Housecore!

MGM: Is Phil there?

PHA: This is him.

MGM: Hi Phil its Marianne – want to talk horror?

PHA: Talk it up lady. Talk it up.

MGM: Firstly, have you been listening to Thee Garbagemen lately (live radiocast with Perry P and Mike IX )

PHA: No I haven’t caught the show since it came back on the air (Two weeks ago)

MGM: I heard they might podcast from the Housecore Horror Fest like last year?

PHA: Yeah, well they are both playing in bands that are performing at Housecore – being Kill it Again and EyehateGod – so if they want to do it, go for it.

MGM: I hope they do it!

(note: If you like radio shows where the format is there is not format THIS IS THE RADIO SHOW FOR YOU – I LOVE IT!)

MGM: Ok – on with the questions. It has been noted that you watch one horror film every night. Which one did you watch last night?

PHA: Actually I got caught up on the season of American Horror Story – the Freak Show thing, whatever season that was. (MGM had never actually watched American Horror Story before this interview – I am now a fan) And then I started watching – ah fuck what was it- something that there was no fucking way I could finish…. Oh it was Human Centipede 3 and I realized there was no fucking way I was gonna make it through it so…

MGM: I once told Dusty Hills that he was going to star in Human Centipede 2 and he would be the middle one.

PHA: Ha! Gross!

MGM: For someone who is such a great performer as well as a lover of horror films why have you not acted or directed something?

PHA: As far as acting. I’m a little rough around the edges so I think trying to script me might be more of a pain in the ass. If they let me be me then it would fucking be one thing but trying to control me on a movie set, that’s another.
Like if they wanted me to speak in some fucking dialogue or something I’m not really down for all that.

MGM: What about scripts? I know Corey Mitchell was a true crime writer. Are there any scripts you guys might have written?

PHA: Na Nope. I’ve never shown interest in it. I have been asked several times if I would love to do my own horror movie. And sure I’ve kicked around ideas here and there but – I get stuck you know and I think, “maybe its not the time” its like “maybe I should just sit here on my fucking fat ass and just watch horror films instead of entertaining the thought of making them. I don’t know it might ruin it for me or some shit like that. I’m jaded as it is anyways.

MGM: No your not! Your knee just hurts!

PHA: The hell I’m not. I was just thinking about how many years I have been watching film after film after genre after genre after decade after decade and with each decade comes its own new little clique of horror films that either I love or…ahhhg you know, it doesn’t do much for me. But you go through phases.

Discussion breaks into MGM grilling PHA on his consumption of Cannibal films lately and is able to recommend two that he had not seen (EPIC).

MGM: So you have three world premiers at Housecore. You’ve got the American Guniea Pig presentation that I saw the trailer for. It looks good.

PHA: Well I know my buddy Jim who did the cinematography for it. Well, we will see. I know the Guniea Pig films from Japan, but we shall see with this American Guniea Pig.

MGM: So it says on the schedule for films “Phil’s Picks” – does that mean that you are going to be there for the viewing of those films?

PHA: Some of them but I’m gonna be running around like crazy anyways.
There are definitely places that I WILL be introducing certain things or being on a discussion panel as well as the winners of the submissions we got this year, Ill be there for the awards and shit like that.
As far as me – I’m getting my shit out of the way early this festival – performing-wise on Friday. Superjoint is performing on Friday night right before King Diamond. So as far as band stuff goes, I’ll be finished Friday but then as far as the weekend goes its all happening right now its being finalized.

MGM: Is this your first year taking submissions?

PHA: Oh God no! No we have done this since year 1. Its actually one of my favourite parts of the whole thing. Because you get to see where peoples heads are at and get a look at some of the lesser known directors. This year’s submissions, some of them are really really good and some of them are a whole lot of horror comedy which is very hit and miss with me.

MGM: Like Frankenhooker?

PHA: Frankenhooker is ok but I’m an old school fan which means Basketcase all that shit. Brain Damage I prefer over Frankenhooker.

MGM: I like the old VHS box for Frankenhooker – there was a button you could push and it said “Wanna Date?”

PHA: Haaaaa

MGM: Maybe you’ll have a copy at the VHS swap!

PHA: Yeah Yeah Yeah that’s another thing that’s really cool at the event. I gotta dig around here for a bunch of doubles and triplicates that I have of stuff that I am gonna bring up. I got so many fucking VHS tapes its ridiculous.

MGM: Do you still watch VHS?

PHA: Oh God yes! I still have a VHS player that works and several that don’t.

MGM: And you are saving the ones that don’t work for ?????

PHA: I don’t fucking know – zombie apocalypse!

MGM: And how does Phillp H. Anselmo prepare for the zombie apocalypse?

PHA: I would try and loot as many cigarettes as possible. Then I guess arm up and wait it out – try and pick them (zombies) off.

MGM: I have a theory that because of the decomposition – zombies smell worse than gators so they’d be easy to detect because you’d smell them coming.

PHA: They smell waaay worse than gators. Way worse. You watch a show like The Walking Dead and they love to go at a corpse (zombie) with a hammer and they smash the zombie in the face and end up with guts and grot and grime all over them and in their faces and shit and then keep on walking. It’s like “naaaahhh it wouldn’t be like that”. It would be a lot more hideous than that.

MGM: Or gag reflex from the smell!

PHA: Oh big time! The gag reflex and vomiting would chew up at least half the program.
The show could be sponsored by Peptol Bismol or something like that.


MGM: Well that’s good that you are ready for the zombie apocalypse.

PHA: Yeah well you gotta be ready for something.

MGM: Ok! So you and the Housecore Family took a field trip to the Texas Chainsaw Massacare Home. How did something like that come about?
(Please note this interview was given on November 5, 2015 – creepy eh?)

PHA: Well really, all credit to Corey Mitchell, Rest in Peace and May his name live on through the Housecore Horror.

The day itself was something he pulled off and it was really special actually. I was actually ended up riding up in a car with Bill Mosley and Mike Williams (Eyehategod/Thee Garbagemen radio) and his wife.

We also had two buses full of people that were at the Horrorfest. On the way up to the house, the people on the buses watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 1 and on the way back to the Fest they watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2.

Going to the house itself was super cool! They served us Bloody Marys and fucking BBQ ribs – that was crazy shit!

They also gave us a nice tour of the place and it is amazing how you can actually still recognize a lot of the shots and a lot of what happened where as you go through the place.

So it was super cool and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY from the existing cast of Texas Chainsaw mostly part 1 and 2 were there and they were all so super cool and very nice, very down to earth.
It was just a killer get together. Really cool. It was the first time for some of the cast members seeing each other and actually watching the film together – ever – that in itself was pretty cool.

Housecore Horror Fest

MGM: What would you suggest a first timer to Housecore Horror Fest put in their Survival kit?

PHA: I would bring a lot of rehydration you know. Its Texas so its gonna be hot. San Antonio ain’t like Denver Colorado. It will probably be pretty warm and the booze (Barefoot Pinot Grigot?) will be flowing pretty thick so you need to stay hydrated. So fucking, you know, coconut water, actual water, maybe some Gatorade and uhhh..

MGM: Money?

PHA: Yeah of course you’re gonna have to bring some cash. You always want spare cash because you never know what you are gonna come across, whether it be a killer tshirt, some rare flick that you’ve been looking for for a long time.

You know, you always want to be PREPARED.

And maybe you might want to bring a garbage bag for many reasons. Its easy to put your loot in or you can puke in it at the end of the night. You never know.

And on that note…Housecore Horror Fest opened THIS FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13, 2015

Thanks Uncle Phil!


HOUSECORE HORROR FESTIVAL Aztec Theater Day-To-Day Lineup:

King Diamond
Child Bite

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Corrosion Of Conformity
Negative Approach
Poison Idea
Cripple Bastards

Goblin (Dawn Of The Dead live score)
Author And Punisher
Muscle And Marrow

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