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Glenn Hughes Live at the Electric Ballroom, London on 1st November 2015

Words by: Robert Sutton

Images by: Robert Sutton Photography (Facebook)

Jared James Nichols… Who? And I get the feeling from his social media comments that Jared gets that same remark from most of the people who have been to see him on the Glenn Hughes tour. He/they are a three piece Blues /Rock band from Wisconsin. Looking more like a traditional heavy metal band with long hair they however play the more subtle, Blues and rock songs with great effect and passion. Whilst most in the audience, I believe, had not heard any of their songs the band soon got many heads nodding in the right direction who then showed their appreciation with great applause and even joined in with the songs when prompted by Jared.

Glenn Hughes has had a bit of a chequered past to say the least with health issues but has been in a whole host of very famous bands. The main ones of note being Trapeze, Deep Purple and more recently Black Country Communion (with Joe Bonamassa and Jason Bonham) and California Breed ( also with Jason Bonham). The last time I saw Glenn Hughes was at the High Voltage festival in London in 2010 where he was vocalist for Heaven and Hell as a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio.

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This time around he is touring as a solo artist and performing songs from his previous bands and also from his solo projects. He has had the help on the tour from ex-Whitesnake’s guitarist Doug Aldrich and Pontus Engborg on drums. Glenn has just finished a nine date tour of the UK, finishing up in London with a sold out show, as part of his solo world tour.

On stage at 9pm Glenn opened up with the classic ‘Stormbringer’ from Deep Purple and performed a thirteen song setlist of both his solo songs and that of other bands that he has been in. He concluded the evening just a little over two hours later with another classic Deep Purple song ‘Burn’.

During the evening Glenn told us how he loved playing in the UK and thanked the fans for waiting for him and sticking by him. He also showed his appreciation to Doug and to Pontus for being part of his band and even shed a tear for Doug…although I think actually he did get something in his eye that made it water….

What a great evening’s entertainment listening to some great songs and a super guitar solo by the very talented Doug Aldrich. Glenn said that he would be back in the UK in 2016 so I look forward to the announcement of dates for this tour.

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1: Stormbringer (Deep Purple cover)
2: Orion
3: Way Back to the Bone (Trapeze cover)
4: Touch My Life (Trapeze cover)
5: First Step of Love (Hughes/Thrail cover)
6: Sail Away (Deep Purple cover)
7: Good to be Bad (Whitesnake cover)
8: Doug Aldrich guitar solo
9: Mistreated (Deep Purple cover)
10: Can’t Stop the Flood
11: Guitar/Drum jam, Drum Solo
12: One Last Soul (Black Country Communion cover)
13: Soul Mover
14: Black Country (Black Country Communion cover)
15: Burn (Deep Purple cover)


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