Voodoo Circle – Whisky Fingers Review

‘Whisky Fingers‘is the highly-anticipated fourth studio album by classic hard rockers VOODOO CIRCLE, following 2013’s 'More Than One Way Home' which became a chart success in Europe....

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: December 4th, 2015

Genre-Hard Rock/Classic Rock

Links: http://www.voodoocircle.de


Line Up:

David Readman – Vocals

Alex Beyrodt – Guitar

Mat Sinner – Bass

Alessandro del Vecchio – Keyboards, Vocals

Francesco Jovino – Drums



01. Trapped In Paradise

02. Heartbreaking Woman

03. Watch And Wait (I Got My
Eye On You)

04. Medicine Man

05. The Day The Walls Came

06. Heart Of Stone

07. Straight Shooter

08. The Rhythm Of My Heart

09. Devil Takes Me Down

10. 5 O’Clock

11. Been Said And Done


VOODOO CIRCLE was founded in 2008 by guitarist Alex Beyrodt. The selt-titled debut album was unleashed in December of the very same year, 2011 ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ followed and secured the band’s first chart success in Germany, as well as a headlining tour in support of the release. ‘More Than One Way Home’ was released in 2013 and cracked the charts in several European countries. After their headlining tour, VOODOO CIRCLE then got the opportunity to play with rock legends Uriah Heep on their 12 German shows in late 2014.

Francesco Jovino (Primal Fear, ex-U.D.O.) and keyboard player Alessandro del Vecchio are the latest additions the latter del Vechhio not only is a first class musician, but also a fantastic sound engineer (MelodicRock.com ‘producer of the year’). So he handles the mixing and mastering of ‘Whisky Fingers’ and also shows how gifted a musician he is adding to that he also has a great voice, in which Alessandro even contributes vocals more about that later.

‘Whisky Fingers‘is the highly-anticipated fourth studio album by classic hard rockers VOODOO CIRCLE, following 2013’s  ‘More Than One Way Home’ which became a chart success in Europe, so what of the latest release ‘Whisky Fingers’ would it ‘leave you dazed confused with a meltdown of the melodic senses leaving you thirsty for more’, or would it ‘simply fall flat like a drunken skunk at the mad hatters gay stag night’

Track 1 ”Trapped In Paradise”

With a crash of drums a whirl of organs we’re off, in kicks the guitar and the journey of melodic mayhem assaults your eardrums,as mentioned earlier Alesandro Del Vecchio, takes up co singing duties on this track and wow what a voice you can almost sense a battle back and forth between Ale and David ,with a solo straight from an 80’s Whitesnake this track kicks us off in some style.

Track 2 ”Heartbreaking Woman”
The assault continues in much the same vein with a catchy chorus and sweet solo the heavy organs blasting in the background

Track 3 ”Watch And Wait (I Got My Eye On You)
An acoustic driven track to start with some great vocals from ‘David’, soon sours into a full rocker to keep the momentum going.

Track 4 ” Medicine Man”
The standout track of the album for me is ‘Medicine Man’ with its hard hitting riffs and flat out in your face anthem like chorus you will soon be chanting ‘Medicine Man’ as you rock out with bourbon in one hand and your air guitar in the other ‘Feel The Voodoo’.

Track 5 ”The Day The Walls Came Down”
Piano and acoustic start us off in a more somber tempo,soon joined by the unmistakable David Readman’s vocals, with a great solo midway through just like a blast from the past when hard ballads ruled the waves.

Track 6 ”Heart Of Stone”
Definitely feel the Whitesnake vibe with this one mixed of course with a touch of deep purple,a great melodic anthem for the new generation with its catchy singalong chorus and dum dum dum dum bass line,with a solo from the gods its got it all.

Track 7 ” Straight Shooter”
With a drum roll or two we are into ‘Straight Shooter’ Ales’ vocals are excellent on this track as he resurrects his battle of vocals with David Readman, the two go at it shooting straight for your melodic hard rock senses.

Track 8 ”The Rythm Of My Heart”
This track is much more blues driven,with the heavy keys and bluesy soul shifting guitar,added to Davids soulful vocals and the added gospel’esque backing singers with a solo that the late Gary Moore himself would be proud of.

Track 9 ”Devil Takes Me Down”
With a riff intro to rival Deep Purples’ Burn,its a flat out rocker from the start with thumping drums and rolling bass, with some more great vocals from Messrs Del Vecchio and Readman.

Track 10 ”5 oclock”
Is an anthemic reminder to us that its 5 o’clock its party time,with a catchy chorus and chops and riffs aplenty its sure to put a bigger smile on your already self indulged face.

Track 11 ”Been Said And Done”
Closing out is ‘Been Said And Done’ sees Readman and Del Vecchio sharing vocal duties once more it has a rainbow, deep purple blues orientated rock feel to it a great way to close out what is an outstanding offering.

So there you have it ‘Voodoo Circles Whisky Fingers’ due for release 4th of December will definitely leave you dazed confused and screaming for more of the same as you rock around your rooms with bourbon aloft hailing the rock gods of Voodoo Circle for the Air Guitar you have received, this is how to keep rock alive.


Written by: Shane Bradley

Ratings: Shane  10/10

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Photo Credit: Ange Cobham / Cobspix Photography

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