LOST SOCIETY Unveil cover artwork for ‘Braindead’ & release first studio trailer


The third album by Finland-based thrash metallers Lost Society, ‘Braindead, will be released on February 12th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.
Today, the band released the cover artwork for the upcoming album. It was created by Jan Meininghaus (Bolt Thrower, Sick Of It All, UDO, Holy Moses, Debauchery…).


Guitarist/vocalist Samy Elbanna states:
“Jan really nailed it again! We were stoked to have the dude illustrate the cover of the new album, and I think he really captured the theme of the album in this artwork. The idea is pretty simple, in many ways ‘Braindead’ talks about all kinds of f***** up scenarios and of how we’re trapped in this braindead society. Cheers to Jan!” 

Artist Jan Meinighaus added:
“When I had another look at it today, I really liked the old school appeal of it. In combination with the given logo, everything reminds me of the classic releases I loved in the late 80s. It sure looks a bit ’airbrushed’ and over the top, but that’s exactly what I like about it in comparison to a lot of artworks that should be movie posters or videogame covers rather than thrash metal art.”

The band have also released the first part of their studio video series.
Check it out here:

Founded in early 2010 by thrash/speed metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna in the Finnish town of Jyväskylä, the front man gathered an ensemble of passionate allies around him to establish a band that should soon become known as the most energetic up-and-comers the scene had seen in years. With their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Fast Loud Death’ released in 2013 – when the guys were still in their teens – Lost Society rapidly rose to fame and caught the attention of veterans such as Kreator and Testament. Subsequently, 2014‘s ‘Terror Hungry’ saw the pack further enhancing their trademark blend of speedy boozing anthems and moshy mayhem in the vein of Anthrax, Pantera and Municipal Waste, resulting in numerous shows and festival appearances all over Europe.

More info:
You can order Lost Society’s previous album ‘Terror Hungry‘ here

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