Corrosion of Conformity December 1, 2015 – Opera House Toronto, Ontario

Musically the set was like a roller coaster. They would bring you up and down and then up again and then down all the while wrapping us around like...

Written by: Marianne Jacobsen

Pictures by: Jonathan Sippel


Canadian Corrosion – A Kind of Homecoming

Careful what you wish, you may regret it. Careful what you wish, you just might get it. – James Hetfied

OK… So you know when people ask you who your favourite band is. Well, I always say that mine is this band from Raleigh called Corrosion of Conformity (CoC) (unless it’s a Rush day… then it’s Corrosion of Conformity AND Rush).

The band, CoC, has been together in one form or another since the early 80’s. Being the not very cool person that I am, I only heard them for the first time when Wiseblood/America’s Volume Dealer came out – the Metallica exposure age. From then though I was all about this jam.

Consistently during the last 4 years that Corrosion of Conformity has graced the City of Toronto with its musical presence. But this time was a bit different. You know when you wish for something for a really long time and then it comes true? That’s what this night was for me. My wish came true… and then some.

After raiding the merch booth and saying hello to cotton tech Jenny, we bribed the coat check girl Mimi to hang onto our stuff until after the show. She obliged and so began a night where we tore it up from the floor all the way!

I was lucky enough to catch Mothership’s set. The lead singer reminded me of Bonn Scott with a Flying V. The band was out of Texas… almost like they were preparing you for the Low Down Desert that was about to dry out the stage.

I missed Survivor because… well… I got hungry… whatever… it’s the truth!!!

The photographer extraordinaire, Jonathan Sippel, was there to catch that action and the rest of the night.

Side note: I’d like to personally thank Jonathan for taking time out for the show and making my crappy writing look good.

Ok… so at this point we are relatively lubricated and the vibe in the Opera House is one of good cheer and anticipation.

I had never seen Brant Bjork before, however after being schooled by the nicest most tolerant guy by the sound booth between sets, I was ready for them.

I moseyed my way down onto the floor at the back to see if I could catch the vibe. Not only did I catch that wave and ride it. I now have ANOTHER band/musician I get to look up and enjoy their catalogue and hopefully the next time they come around I’ll be able to sing along.

Perfect warm up for the Raleigh Ragamuffins!!!!

During intermission I stumbled upon the Irish folks whom I have met at Riotfest. We all agreed that after the show we would meet and go to the After Party that was held at a place I have not been to since 1992 (and when I got there I remembered why).

So I’ve got my hair down and my hands in the air and all of a sudden. There THEY are. The best band in the whole world… and I know all the words to what they are playing. I’m screaming them at the top of my lungs. People are looking at me and actually stepping aside as I flung my head and yelled such gems as “No need to commit, just burn the heretic – nothing’s gained once again” and “Who’s got the Fire!” – Except I decided to sing the chorus in Spanish: “Donde Esta el Fuego!”

Reed Mullin killed it on the kit and really showed everyone why he’s called the Mule. He kicks fucking ass.

One of the things I love about watching Corrosion of Conformity is the gentlemen style in which the strings allow one another their moment to shine.

Mike Dean dirty hand kept it in the pocket so you know that all was well.

As for those two guitarists – It was like watching Castaway when the guy sees his wife for the first time after being stuck on that island for so long. Surreal – but totally real.

Musically the set was like a roller coaster. They would bring you up and down and then up again and then down all the while wrapping us around like the snake up in the tree that only hears what he sees.

Vote with a Bullet and Clean My Wounds closed the show allowing one last chant in unison to “Knock it Down” – because that’s how the story goes.

The love in that room and the joy Corrosion of Conformity brought the Opera House Tuesday night is one that you can only wish for.

Corrosion of Conformity are still on the road until their triumphant return to Raleigh December 10, 2015 – at which time a well deserved rest will be in order.


Great night!!!


PS: Thanks for the cheap shirts and the Perfect Strangers ending to a perfect concert wink emoticon



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