Interview with Steve “Lips” Kudlow of Anvil

Interviewed by: Lindsey Appleton

Anvil was formed in 1978 by two high school friends, Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner. After meeting through Marty Hoffman, the pair started making music together. The partnership between Kudlow and Reiner resulted in 15 albums that have been released thus far. “Lips” has recently taken time out to speak with us.


MGM: On Feb 26th 2016 ‘Anvil is Anvil’ is going to be released, how would you describe this album to your fans?

Lips: I think the title says it all!! These songs are full on Anvil but great examples of each of our facets.

16MGM: How does ‘Anvil is Anvil’ compare to your last album ‘Hope in Hell’

Lips: Generally each C.D. has its own identity… they are all comparable in the sense that they are all written by the same people. This C.D. is more consistent and will be difficult to pick favorite tracks as there’s a number of outstanding to choose from.

MGM: Chris since becoming the latest member of Anvil, how have you found your time with the band?

Lips: We call Chris…Christ… He has fit in better than anyone we’ve ever worked with. Amazing player and singer. We are very happy with what he’s brought to our sound but as a human being a great friend!!

MGM: You guys have played some amazing events and Festivals this year such as Metal Days in Slovenia and Bang Your Head in Germany, which have really stood out for you guys?

Lips: I would have to say Bang Your Head was the best festival situation we have ever played… we got to play our entire set to a full on audience… usually at festivals the set length is shorter and this was a major exception to that rule!!

404670_455285941179542_670668337_nMGM: We all know Robbo has a great talent for art and painting, do you other guys have any hidden talents outside of music?

Lips: Simple answer is NO!!!

MGM: I think the question on everyone’s mind is will there be a sequel to your DVD ‘Anvil the story of Anvil’, to let all your fans know what you have been up to since this DVD and where this journey has taken you?

Lips: The director Sacha Gervasi seems to believe there will be a sequel although the question is more about when will HE have time!!! Who knows!!!

MGM: What does the future hold for Anvil?

Lips: More gigs, more music, more fun!!!

MGM: Thanks for taking time out to speak to us today, we look forward to catching up with you guys when you come and play Manchester in the new year \m/.


Manchester Tour Date – Weds 13th April Manchester Academy

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