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Killing Joke – Pylon Review

Released by: Spinefarm

Release date: 23 October 2015

Genre: Industrial Rock, Post-Punk, Industrial Metal

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Jaz Coleman – Vocals, Keyboards

Geordie Walker – Guitar

Youth – Bass Guitar

Big Paul Ferguson – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Autonomous Zone

02. Dawn of the Hive

03. New Cold War

04. Euphoria

05. New Jerusalem

06. War on Freedom

07. Big Buzz

08. Delete

09. I am the Virus

10. Into the Unknown

Formed in 1978, the English rock band has returned with their latest release “Pylon”. Killing Joke has been a key influence on industrial rock for decades. They have gradually evolved over time and have developed and experimented by incorporating new sounds from electronic music, synth pop and gothic rock. It would not be a surprise to know that Killing Joke has influenced and inspired many big name artists, which includes the likes of Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden.

“Pylon” is the band’s 15th release and features the core line-up of founding vocalist Jaz Coleman, Kevin “Geordie” Walker on guitar, Martin “Youth” Glover on bass and founding drummer Paul Ferguson.

The first single, “I Am The Virus”, was released to fans early. It teased fans with the punk rock vibe, repetitiveness and industrial style for which Killing Joke is renowned.

The track “Autonomous Zone” opens the album. It features looped heavy keyboards laying down the backing track. The guitar work has a very punk rock feel, which is complemented by the hypnotising drumbeats and this continues until a violin is brought into the mix. The electronic vibe continues into “Dawn of the Hive” where the guitars produce a heavy chugging riff that is in sync with the keyboard hammering every other chord. The vocals by Jaz Coleman are very possessive and industrial by the way his droning tone comes across. The chorus is very electronic which synth fans will love.

“New Cold War”, begins with diminished guitar chords being strung slowly. When the vocals and drums kick in, the track becomes one of the more atmospheric and slow songs of the album. “Euphoria” has a pumping beat from the beginning. The keyboard effects provides a flash back to the band’s 80’s sound. The wide spacious sound of this track leads into the next track, “New Jerusalem”. The synth creates the introduction to the song by building up tension and maintaining a very industrial feel. The guitar and bass have a very 90’s groove sound in tune to the drums keeping the repetitive rhythm going.

The highlight tracks of this album include: “Big Buzz” and “Panopticon”. These tracks sums up the band’s historic sound. Even though the album is very repetitive and has a trance-like feel, fans of the band, whether young and old will enjoy. The album creates a feeling of tension and cinematic which makes this album worth checking out.

Written by: David Bell


Ratings: David 7/10



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