Guns N’ Roses is up to something?

Hollywood, CALIFORNIA — Talk is talk, and talk is cheap but you can’t help but wonder, what does this mean?

Guns N’ Roses has recently changed their official website homepage to feature their original band logo.

Nothing else appears on the front of the site other than the origial classic logo and a short menu.

Of course we’ve all heard that Slash and Axl have made peace earlier in the year and that was clearly the hurble of all hurdles to clear. We also saw Dj Ashba and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal turn in their resignation from the iconic band in 2015.

Now in recent months we’ve heard the chatter from Nikki Sixx and select other ‘insider’ types who have talked about it like it’s happening. Add to this, with all the talk, articles, rumor, gossip and more – pretty much none of it has been denied.

All we can do now is wait for the blockbuster announcement.

In recent weeks we’ve read that Steven Tyler wants to go solo and leave Aerosmith on the backburner. Something similar has been done by Bret Michaels in recent years and he too – has left Poison off his calendar for much of the last several tour seasons.

Then Motley Crue will be commiting suicide in less than a week.


What better time to rake in on sales, tickets, merchandise and more.

We’re essentially on the eve (2016) of their 30 year anniversary of their 1987 debut full length studio release”Appetite For Destruction.” If the reunion happens it would be huge regardless, but fans will definitely be starved for that ’80’s bad boy’ rock band fix for sure.

Oddly, if you click the ONLINE STORE there are many classic items now for sale. Including the original cross logo on multiple items which includes all 5 of the original skulls. See screen captures below.


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