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Cloudscape – Voice Of Reason Review

Released by: Dead End Exit Records

Release date: 8 January 2016

Genre: Melodic, Progressive Metal

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Mike Andersson – Vocals (Keyboards)

Patrik Svärd – Guitar

Stefan Rosqvist – Guitar

Håkan Nyander – Bass

Fredrik Joakimsson – Drums & Backing Vocals (Keyboards)


Track Listing:

01. A New Design

02. Futuristic Phsyco

03. Don’t Close Your Eyes

04. All For Metal

05. Voice Of Reason

06. Thunders Of Extreme

07. Needle In The Eye

08. In Silence We Scream

Sweden’s ‘Cloudscape’ was formed back in 2001. During 2015 they released their self-titled debut album. Three more releases added to that and then they gained experience touring. Over the years Cloudscape have played live at many well respected metal festivals throughout Europe and built a great reputation of being an impressive live act. Early 2014 Cloudscape did a 3 and a half week long European tour, visiting 17 cities.

‘Voice Of Reason’ will be ‘Cloudscapes’ 5th studio release which pulls from their early material as well as delving into progressive metal territory. The album features some straight, hard-hitting metal songs to the more progressive and majestic tracks. “Voice of Reason” was mixed and produced by Anders “Theo” Theander at Roasting House Studio.

Track 1- ‘A New Design’. With powering keys and bass this album is opened. Featuring a hefty double kick beat and soaring vocals, this track is meaty, it is melodic metal with just a hint of jorn. The track powers down to the finishing line with a great little solo.

Track 2 – ‘Futuristic Phsyco’. Almost Psychedelically we roar into this track. A powerhouse number with enough shredding and melodic interludes to tear you one way then another as you mosh out to a psychotic trance with devil horns in the air. Briefly stopping to grab your air guitar and swing it with all your might as you devour all with psychotic power chords and hail the gods of metal.

Track 3 – ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’. With smooth keys this track is much mellower. Guitars soon joined by some great vocals by ‘Mike Andersson’. The chorus is brilliant and catchy. It has some power chords and bass line that keeps it all tight which makes this track a great melodic rocker.

Track 4 – ‘All For Metal’. With a Rumble of Drums followed by a roar, we are into track 4. There are power chords a plenty. The track rocks a thunderous catchy beat and in no time we are in full Melodic dizziness. You will surely bang your head while holding aloft our devil horns screeching along to this track.

Track 5 – ‘Voice Of Reason’. Onto the title track and to say it is epic is probably an understatement. It plays for over 11 mins and is the longest track on the album by some margin. However, you shouldn’t be put off or think its going to be a long, slow and boring affair. It is completely the opposite. This is where the band slides over to the more progressive side of their music. And they do so with ease. It is a cracking slice of metal, with plenty of solos from ‘Patrik and Stefan’ showcasing their considerable talent.

Track 6 – ‘Thunders Of Extreme’. This track is a catchy rocker that makes use of all of the weapons at their disposal. From killer vocals to rolling bass and screeching guitars to thundering drums, this track has it all in abundance, while still maintaining the melodic root.

Track 7 – ‘Needle In The Eye’. It starts like a musical box, then; ‘Pow’; guitars, drums and bass strike you like ‘A Needle in the Eye’! This track features a vicious double kick beat and vocals that switch from angry to soulful as we head into guitar heaven and back again. There seems to be a hidden message within the lyrics with words such as: ‘Live Your Life Your Way, So Many Dreams To Follow’.

Track 8 – ‘In Silence We Scream’. It is an acoustic driven closing track. The track is probably the biggest and best surprise on the album from a personal point of view. As with the title track, this song is of epic proportions with its play time coming in over 9 mins. Midway through all acoustics disappears and is replaced by screeching guitars and pounding drums. All comes to an explosive end with the sound of acoustic guitars in the rain. A majestical masterpiece.

Overall ‘Cloudscape’ has produced an outstanding majestic piece of metal. Yes it really is that good! You don’t have to take my word for it, just make this one of your first purchases of the New Year. You certainly won’t regret it! Horns up to ‘Cloudscape’

Written by Shane Bradley

Ratings: Shane 10/10



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