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Glamory – Glam Over Review

Released by: Auto Prod

Release date: 30 October 2015

Genre: Melodic/Glam Rock

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Lionel Aubert – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals

Bertrand Coste – Bass, Backing Vocals

Jean-Baptiste Pol – Drums, Backing Vocals

Alban Sibilia Singer – Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals


Track Listing:

01. Into the G

02. Night time mirage

03. Weirderland

04. Dancer in paradise

05. Hell yeah!

06. Inside out

07. Divine bullshit

08. Shitty belly

09. Whirlwind

10. The source

Anyone who has not heard of French rockers ‘Glamory’ are in for a real treat with their latest release ‘Glam Over’. Produced by GLAMORY and recorded by Sébastien Camhi at Artmusic Studio, mixed by Willdric Lievin & Lionel Aubert and mastered by Thibault Chaumont at Deviant Lab Studio. Their sound is unique with a hint of early Van Halen mixed with new glam and AOR. The band is tight with great vocals and some stunning and breathtaking solos for the air guitar enthusiasts. This album is a real rocker and a future gem.

Track 1:- ‘Into the G’. This is an instrumental intro with some great guitar riffs. The track is a great hint of what treats that are expected from the album.

Track 2:- ‘Night time mirage’. It starts with guitar chops leading into a David Lee Roth-esque vocals from ‘Alban Sibilia’. As he talks us into the chorus which will have you singing along in a heartbeat. A great little guitar solo that doesn’t over stretch the mark keeping it all nice and tight with the rhythm section.

Track 3:- ‘Weirderland’. We start to really hear the great vocals of ‘Alban’ on this track mixed. With the Van Halen-esque guitar riffs and smooth bass line, mixed together shaken and not stirred this will have you rockin all the way to the broom cupboard.
Track 4:- ‘Dancer in Paradise’. A smooth Western style harmonica kicks us off. We are soon joined by rich guitars and bass, which then subside to a mello mix of vocals and guitars before bursting into action for the chorus. Then back again for a sullen more blues driven solo. For this shows that guitarist ‘Lionel Aubert’ certainly is no one trick pony and his influences include the late Gary Moore, Steve Lukather and Edward Van Halen which he manages to gel together with ease.

Track 5:-‘Hell yeah!’. If you are familiar with American rockers ‘Trixter’, this track will sound very similar sound and delivery. A great feel good sing-along track with yet another great solo. Let us hope you all have a great supply of air guitars ‘cuz things are becoming !!Hot!!

Track 6:- ‘Inside out’. More great vocals mixed with tight bass and drums. All held together with riffs a plenty, more than enough to rock us inside out.and back again. Another short but sweet solo and background vocals that see us nicely into track 7.

Track 7:- ‘Divine bullshit’. Despite the title, this track is smooth and mellow. Guitars are soon accompanied by Alban and backing singers. Probably the closest to a ballad on the album. It fits in nicely and gives us the chance to explore the more mellow side of Glamory. This track has a really great bluesy fuelled guitar solo.

Track 8:-‘Shitty belly ‘. A great sleazy slice of rock and roll, with sleazy lyrics and even sleazier guitar soundtrack that knocks the wind right outta your system.

Track 9:-‘Whirlwind’. Rockin into this track, it features some deep bass and guitar riffs. All of which has a 90’s post grunge rock feel. Almost Soundgarden meets Creed, with an aggressive delivery certainly not for the faint hearted.

Track 10:-‘ The source’. This is the closing track and perhaps my personal favourite. It is again a more subdued slower paced little gem making good work of vocals and guitar riffs. All held together with the intense bass and drums with a sleazy blues solo that just melts into the track.

Written by: Shane Bradley

Ratings: Shane 9/10

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