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Saxon Live at the Old Market Hove, Brighton on 23 January 2016

Written by: Robert Sutton
Pictures by: Robert Sutton Photography


This event was to be the warm up gig for Saxon’s UK tour with Motorhead and Girlschool. Unfortunately it ended up being the only gig of the tour! Due to the tour having been cancelled following Lemmy’s (from Motorhead…just in case you didn’t know…) death.

According to Biff, the last time Saxon headlined a show in Brighton was over 25 years ago!! So this show was a bit overdue in my opinion. It is a bit of a surprise, especially considering both Doug and Nigel live in Hove.
As far as I am concerned, Saxon have never done a bad gig and always put on a good show. And this time around I was expecting this event to be no different. I was not to be disappointed and in fact, as it was in a small and intimate venue, I think it was one of the best I’ve been to.

They opened up the evening with the title track of their new album released late last year, ‘Battering Ram’. They then followed this with the classic ‘Motorcycle Man’. ‘Sacrifice’ from their last album of the same name was next up and then ‘Destroyer’ from the new album.

The evening continued with a mix of the ’old classics’ and material from the new album. Biff spoke a little about the cancellation of the tour and the death of Lemmy. They dedicated ‘Requiem’ to the late front man from Motorhead. The great songs continued one after the other with the band getting more and more into their performance the further the evening continued.

The standard set finished with ‘Princess of the Night’ before the band said their ‘thank yous’ and left the stage… of course this was not the end and Doug Scarrat soon reappeared on-stage and started the first encore with a guitar solo before the rest of the band joined him to play ‘Wheels of Steel’ and ‘747’. After which they all left the stage again. But again it was not long before they returned for their second encore. This time it was Nibbs Carter’s turn to be the first back on-stage with a bass solo and leading into ‘Strong Arm of the Law’. They finished off the night with ‘Crusader’ and the classic Saxon anthem ‘Denim and Leather’.

Wow, what a great night this was and I think (hope) the rest of the audience on the night would probably agree with me!!! I just hope that we don’t have to wait another 25years before Saxon come back to Brighton again…

Their new album ‘Battering Ram’ is available to buy now and a release of a nine LP box set titled ‘Eagles and Dragons’ will be available on March 18th ,which contains all of Saxon’s classic studio albums released between 1991 and 2009 on 180g vinyl.



1: Battering Ram
2: Motorcycle Man
3: Sacrifice
4: Destroyer
5: Power and the Glory
6: Eye of the Storm
7: And the Bands Played On
8: Battalions of Steel
9: 20,000 feet
10: Devils Footprint
11: Requiem
12: Top of the World
13: Never Surrender
14: Queen of Hearts
15: Heavy Metal Thunder
16: Princess of the Night
Encore 1:
17: Wheels of Steel
18: 747 (Strangers in the Night)
Encore 2:
19: Strong Arm of the Law
20: Crusader
21: Denim and Leather

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