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Imperia – Tears of Silence Review

Released by: Massacre Records

Release date: 12 February 2016

Genre: Gothic Symphonic Power Metal

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Helena Iren Michaelsen

Jan Örkki Yrlund

Gerry Verstreken

Steve Wolz


Track Listing:

01. Silence Is My Friend

02. Crossroads

03. Broken (When Silence Cries)

04. Away

05. Friheten Vil Seire

06. My Screaming Heart

07. Motherlove

08. The Vikingsong

09. Spirit Chase (Keep Fighting)

10. Innocent Child

11. Wings Of Hope

12. We’ll Be Free

13. Broken Hearts

Gothic Symphonic Power Metal is a style I try on a regular basis to enjoy, but often I find it leaving me underwhelmed. Sometimes there are moments that catch my attention, and make me shout, “THIS! More of this!” I do find that having a female fronting the band appeals to me more than males, but it has to truly be a female voice (and male to be honest) that stands out from the crowd. So much Power Metal in general I find to be boring and same sounding (and I know, I have made this complaint numerous times.) Adding a symphonic element typically doesn’t help out much either. Having said that, the band Imperia tends to find favor with me, for various reasons.

For starters, the music itself isn’t necessarily anything unique and groundbreaking, speaking about their latest offering Tears Of Silence, but the new album seems to be a bit more focused for them this time around, going for more of a metal album in a traditional sense while still featuring big orchestrations, folk elements, and that power gallop throughout. The biggest attraction I have is with vocalist Helena Iren Michaelsen. Her voice, on the surface, seems to be heavily influenced by an unlikely person (or at least has an uncanny comparison to it)- the voice of Anne Margaret (and yes, I’m probably dating myself with that reference,) but that deeper tone and vibrato always reminds me of that legendary redheaded enchantress. Michaelsen also has the ability to alter her sound to accommodate more operatic type vocals as well as more extreme stuff on occasion. Tracks like “Broken When The Silence Cries,” “Spirit Chase Keep Fighting,” and “Innocent Child” were the main tracks that stuck with me.

Imperia’s Tears of Silence is a nice album worth checking out if this is your type of music. I don’t expect it to blow any minds, but it is a good album with a truly distinct voice in the metal world. I’m still not won over on the genre, but this is at least an album that I didn’t instantly hate, so that’s a start.


Written by Chris Martin


Ratings: Chris 6/10



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