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Bowling For Soup, Live Gig on 5 January 2016 at the Manchester Academy

Photos & Review By Lindsey Appleton

Here at The Manchester Academy tonight we are to see the fantastic Bowling For Soup during their ‘How About Another Round’ tour. Supported by the fabulous Lacey who are a Nottingham based alternative rock band and are debuting their EP tonight ‘I don’t owe the world a thing’.

We will also be seeing the awesome Dollyrots who we will be doing a 1 on 1 interview (read our interview here)  with before the show. They are a pop punk band from Los Angeles who released their new EP ‘Mamas Gonna Knock you Out’ on the 29th January, and who will be releasing their new Live Album CD ‘Family Vacation’ on the 11th March.


Lacey kicked off the night with a lot of passion and a fresh vibe which enthralled the crowds.

A vibrant buzz filling the atmosphere as these guys thrash out infectious songs such as ‘Contender’ and ‘Shadow’ to which the crowds sing along with.

These guys are fine tuned with powerful melodies and catchy rhythms, and songs that have that unique balance which keep you chomping at the bit for more.

The drive and determination these guys have will push them far.

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The DollyRots

Well after speaking to these guys before the show, I was eager to see them hit the stage.

I don’t think there is anything more I can say than: “Wow!” These guys blew me away from the word ‘go’!

Kicking off their set with ‘twist me to the left’, which has to be the catchiest tune I have heard in a long long time. The song was featured on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’.

To then going onto do ‘Brand new Key’, which was originally written and sang by folk music singer ‘Melanie Safka-Schekeryk’ which became a success in 1971/1972.

Kelly Ogden & Luiz Cabezas front the band vocally, Kelly on bass and Luis on Guitar, with Rikki Watson on drums.

This trio really deliver a performance like no other.

Their music delivers that powerful punch that you can actually bang your head to. With Kelly’s singing which sends a statement to the crowds that this is her time and her stage and delivers a flawless performance showing her musical ability while pounding out some deep meaningful bass. All the while Luis complements this with his showmanship on guitar.

They continued their set with classics such as ‘My best friends Hot’ and ‘Satellite’ to which the crowds chant along with merrily.

These guys have been tremendous, a band I could have happily watched all night.


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Bowling For Soup

For a band that have been going since 1994, these guys are ones you aren’t going to want to miss in a hurry.

Starting their set with ‘The Bitch Song’, a song which was released back in 2000 on their album ‘Lets Do It For Johnny!’, this got the crowds totally pumped up.

Followed by a track off their ‘Drunk Enough to Dance’ album from 2002, they pounded out an all time great ‘Emily’.

Crowds now bouncing along, energy has now infused the room, to keep the energy flowing what better way than ‘Punk Rock 101’.

Jaret then pauses in between the song to bring out the band ‘Lacey’ and congratulate them on stage for their release of their new EP, and hands their lead singer Graham a bottle of bubbly to which the crowds chant ‘chug chug chug’.

B.F.S then continue their set.

Their set a mix of various songs off various albums, with great songs such as ‘1985’ and ‘high school never ends’.

Ending the night with ‘Girls all the bad guys Want’ was a great way to end a great gig.


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