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NAMM JAM 2016 with John 5 and Beasto Blanco


Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: © Robert Cavuoto


On January 22nd John 5, Beasto Blanco, and LA Guns performed at The Grove in Anaheim CA. for NAMM Jam 2016, presented by Delve Texas. This show is always the hottest ticket for NAMM attendees and exhibitors.

Chuck Garric is most notably known as Alice Cooper’s bassist but also fronting and playing guitar in his own band, Beasto Blanco. With influences ranging from White Zombie to Motorhead, the band has been performing select dates in-between touring with Alice.

John 5 is one of the hardest working musicians on the planet and well known for being Rob Zombie’s guitarist. John 5 also as has a successful solo career putting out CDs, DVD and performing with his band The Creatures.

Unfortunately I missed LA Guns and promise to catch them when they hit New Jersey or New York.

With thundering guitars and hell in tow, Beasto Blanco hit the stage. Chuck’s partners in the band are Chris Latham [guitar], Jan Le Grow [bass], Tim Husung [drums] and Calico Cooper [vocals]. Together they unleashed a sonic assault on the NAMM crowd. The band was spot-on, pounding out songs from their debut CD Live Fast Die Hard, including two of my favorites “Motorqueen” and “Breakdown.” There was no shortage of energy with Calico by his side, the two put on a truly macabre performance.  Calico wearing black leather and an insane look, wielded instruments of death like a spiked bat, whips, and smoke cannon with one objective in mind; to torture Chuck.

Namm 2016_1 Namm 2016_2 Namm 2016_3

To close out the energetic set in grand style, Alice Cooper made a surprise appearance on “Feed my Frankenstein.” Together Alice, Calico, and Chuck traded off vocals and brought down the house. Beasto Blanco is a force not to be reckoned with, destine to make an impact on the music industry and a spectacle on stage.

Namm 2016_5

Namm 2016_4

John 5 with The Creatures headlined the event and dazzled a packed crowd with his guitar prowess! Dressed in his undertaker overcoat, ghoulish white make-up, and armed with several Fender Telecaster guitars. John 5 showed the audience how he can go from a beautiful acoustic piece to a warp speed shredding lead with ease. With chins on the floor and the hair on your arms standing up, it was awe inspiring to witness his masterful and complex guitar techniques. Somehow he made it look easy but we all know it’s not.

Namm 2016_7 Namm 2016_6 Namm 2016_8

John 5 cranked out; “This is my Rifle,” “The Flight of Vulcan Kelly,” “Jiffy Jam” and medley of old school metal songs. Buckcherry’s Josh Todd joined the band on stage for a version of “Killing in the Name of” and “Crazy Bitch.”

It was a great night with electrifying entertainers and musicians. It will be tough for Delve Texas to top this years’ NAMM Jam!

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