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Delain – Lunar Prelude Review

Released by: Napalm Records

Release date: 19 February 2016

Genre: Symphonic Metal

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Charlotte Wessels – Vocals

Martijn Westerholt – Keys

Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije – Bass

Ruben Israel – Drums

Timo Somers – Guitar

Merel Bechtold – Guitar


Track Listing:

01. Suckerpunch

02. Turn The Lights Out

03. Don’t Let Go (New Version)

04. Lullaby

05. Stardust

06. Here Come The Vultures

07. Army of Dolls

08. Suckerpunch Orchestra


Delain is a name I had been hearing a lot of recently, so when it came up to review their new EP, I leaped at the opportunity. Based on what I read/heard, I figured there was a chance I’d either love it or hate it. I typically enjoy female fronted bands so that worked to their advantage, but I have quarrels with a lot of power and symphonic metal so that could’ve worked against them. Had I known at the start it was 1. An EP, and 2. Contained live stuff, I might have elected not to let this be my first exposure to Delain. However, it seems going this route wasn’t a bad decision after it was all said and done.

Lunar Prelude contains four live tracks from last year, two new tracks, and a new version of an older song, and the orchestral part as a stand alone track for one of the new songs. Once I realized what this album was I went in viewing it as a sampler of sorts. The most striking thing about their sound is the voice of Charlotte Wessels. She has found the perfect balance between an operatic voice while at the same time being able to capably front a heavy band without resorting to using tricks other than her given abilities. It has a captivating lilt and power making it quite unique, which is a major plus since many bands of this genre tend to sound alike. I was also very much in favor of their orchestrations: they’re very grand and really strengthen the sound instead of overpowering. The way the keyboards and guitars swirl through one another creates a very perfect musical backdrop for Wessels vocals. I was thoroughly impressed with the live tracks because whether I like the music (I do in this case,) this is not easy music to pull off on stage, and they truly showed themselves to be sonically an outstanding band live. The other studio tracks are just icing on the cake, and have made me interested in checking them out more.

Delain’s Lunar Prelude is a fantastic introduction to their music if you’re unfamiliar with them. If you’re into gothic symphonic metal, then this band is one to check out as they’re much better than most. I look forward to hearing much more from this fantastic band.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: Chris 8/10

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  1. Welcome aboard, Chris. Think you’ll be as delighted with their back catalog as well – there’s a good amount of variety as they’ve progressed from album to album…


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